PS4-Compatible Indie 'Mark of the Old Ones' Kickstarter Update [w - HD Video]

Mitch of RealGamerNewz writes, "Mark of the Old Ones was introduced to the RealGamerNewz audience in our IndieSpotlight for the game back when only debug lines and concept art were being shown. Now, we have a 3D update in the following High Definition video as well as an update on their current Steam Greenlight listing and Kickstarter Progress.

Mark of the Old Ones Developers have also recently clarified for gamers asking about Sony PS4 next-generation support stating that "we are in Sony's developer program and we can bring the game to Play Station 4". During our talks with the developer we also discussed the Valve Steambox and they have stated that their game is fully compatible with Linux, therefore it could easily support the SteamOS and Steambox platforms."

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