Are Episodic Titles The Future Of Gaming?

Which is better? Releasing a full game in one commercial launch or releasing a game in episodes? Some companies say that episodic games are more successful.

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PlayStation_41761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I doubt it's the future of gaming... But it definitely does suit some types of games and I bet that we'll see much more episodic games to come

djplonker1761d ago

I have know the ultimate reason why this is not the future find out the month!

Goro1761d ago

Hopefully not, i loved TWD but the wait between each episode was killing me.

LoaMcLoa1761d ago

What he said

And I prefer to play a full game on a streak. Don't like to switch all the time.

Jovanian 1761d ago

Having to wait between each episode feels very similar to waiting for the actual comic issues to come out each month

Jovanian 1761d ago

I don't think for most games, but hopefully telltale does more of this comic adaptation business. Going from a fan of TWD comics to the videogame I can say they really captured the feel of the comics. Now with their latest wolf among us, I haven't read the comics personally, but so far it is intriguing. One big thing telltale has to strive for, though, is to make choices carry more impact than they do now

kalkano1761d ago

I don't see it. I either play the entire game, or I don't play it at all. I can't just play 1 episode, then sit and wait for the next. I don't work that way.