Phil Spencer Defends Against Claims That Ryse Suffers From Screen Tearing, Blames Video Player

Phil Spencer, who is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios has come out in the defense of Crytek's upcoming Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome.

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majiebeast1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Phil is looking at a busy day today. Just upload the video to Gamersyde if its some sites videoplayer that is screwing up the footage or release it yourself.

Eonjay1797d ago

Honestly, I don't remember seeing screen tearing. The biggest issue I had was model clipping. If they fixed that and the texture popping, they should be good. Also, using YouTube to inspect quality is futile.

darthv721797d ago

Compression quality on video uploads/streams will always produce a visual difference than if you are playing the game yourself.

I watch videos to get a gist for how it could look/play not for the definitive proof.

JokesOnYou1797d ago

The trailer was sweet, never saw screen tearing but hey I could have just missed it because I never notice that kind of thing unless its noticeable enough to affect the visual quality or gameplay. I really dont see snything here:

-Might as well look for Jessica Alba's ugly toe-nail while you're at it.

malokevi1797d ago

Screw that. 1 Month to go. What's the point in feeding the trolls? Let them type away furiously, nobody gives a rats @$$.

2cents1797d ago

lol, how true.

Its clear that Sony's secret sauce is its fans, minions sent out to destroy everything positive about xbox and spread as much FUD as possible.

On topic, There is no reason to believe otherwise regarding no tearing, 900p and locked at 30fps, as I have yet to see a proper showing of this tearing that actually detracts from the gamplay. Not long now anyway.

Im gonna get to play it this friday but I dont know what build it will be, but I will be keeping a sharp eye on the screen to see if there is any notable tearing and will report back then.

christocolus1797d ago

screen tearing is the issue now? boys pls give it a rest..that game looks amazing cant wait to get my hands on it. i actually played some great games this gen with some of the wort screen tearing and yet i couldnt care less.loved them all.. come nov 22 im getting ryse no matter what the haters wanna say....

davethedj1797d ago

ps4 fwd!!!! xbox i feel sorry for you!!!

CGI-Quality1797d ago

He's not doing anything any different from what you do in Sony articles. Quit being the pot, the kettle is tired of hearing it.

OT: The possibility of the vid being the problem is likely, but we won't know until reviews start trickling in within the next few weeks!

JasonKCK1797d ago

Just click on "ignore" and your N4G experience will be so much better.

True_Samurai1797d ago

Ps4 fwd?
Furiously whining dudes?

Nexus381795d ago

haha ladies and gentleman the average 10-15 year old n4g user, oops il get disagreed to hell because i said something negative :O Oh thats right this is the internet and idaf, il do any thing to make you kiddy sonyggers angry

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Legacy2121797d ago

I got a greqt idea, why dont we just wait for the game tl release?

Eonjay1797d ago

Because people have a right to know what they are getting when they spend money on it. Thats why we have reviews, previews and analysis.

Legacy2121797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Yea and if you are that concerned why not hold off on buying it until OFFICIAL reviews come out for the game where they will state if there is any problems

Dante811797d ago

How hard is it to turn on V-sync anyway?

Angels37851797d ago

V sync generally hurts performance amd frame rate

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