Cubed3 reviews Wii Fit (9/10)

Adam Riley reports:

''Before you unpack the Balance Board and crack open the Wii Fit box and pop the disc in your Wii, it should be noted that Nintendo has seen fit to increase the Board's capacity to 150KG, which is a massive 23 stone 8lb. The company obviously has hopes to attract as wide a demographic as possible, so anyone can join in the fun. After sticking in your four complimentary AA batteries, the game asks you to press the Board's sync button, as well as the one on the Wii console so everything works as it should do. What is on offer in terms of presentation right off the bat is the standard whites and pale, pastel colours that aim to relax players and create a peaceful atmosphere, which is maintained during play by the ambient tunes looping in the background (some of which sound like Zelda efforts from days gone by!) as well as the softly-spoken professional voice actors. It may seem like a simple set-up to many, but the approach works wonders and is so inoffensive that it will ultimately appeal to anyone that chooses to pick this up. Plus there is the cute element of an on-screen animated Balance Board that moves around, talking in a squeaky, computerised voice and proving to be something that younger people will take a liking to also.''

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wiizy3859d ago

wiifit deserves a 10 on innovation and fun factor alone... other systems have to copy it..