Super Mario 3D World October Trailer [English Version]

Here’s the fully localized English Trailer


This version of the trailer confirms new item names such as the Canon Box, Light Box, and Coin Box.

Online features currently consist of the ability to share Ghost Mii data with other players around the world. Exchange of such data may help players in finding new, and perhaps, faster ways to complete a stage.

Players will also be able to collect a vast array of stamps as they complete the game and use them in their posts to Miiverse.

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_QQ_1795d ago

My Hype meter is at Max!

Amigaengine1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I was one of those who wanted a sequel to Galaxy but this
look's very promising.

Sincere01211795d ago

Why don't they ever put these trailors on tv?

Yep1795d ago

Nintendo hates advertisement apparently.

Unless you mean full on 6 minute commercials, they can't do that.

truechainz1795d ago

I felt as though the narrator was unnecessary until he said help a brother out.

Looks more and more fun with every trailer.

_QQ_1795d ago

I counted over 90 stamps, does that mean 90somthing stages?

live2play1794d ago

1 stamp per stage
idk which idiot disagreed

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The story is too old to be commented.