EA President Claims They Are "Longterm Supporters" Of Sony

While EA may have stepped towards Microsoft this generation with DLC exclusivity deals, and into the next, allowing Microsoft to package a copy of FIFA 14 in with every “Day One” version of the Xbox One, EA president Frank Gibeau has moved to assure PlayStation fans that they’re behind Sony’s next console, which releases next month.

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djplonker1731d ago

and so it beings ea will be begging to get back in bed with sony once it out sells the xbone 2:1

dericb111731d ago

Title should read "EA begs PS4 gamers to buy Titanfall late". EA this is a new gen and a new start please start to fix your mistake early on.

Eonjay1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Well, besides Call of Duty, every single multiplatorm is selling more on PS4. Every single one. So, it stands to reason that TitanFall would have done the same. The potential lost sales will be massive.

malokevi1731d ago

Maybe the title should read "Ps4 gamers, as a whole, too petty to consider buying an amazing game because it happened to debut on a competing platform".

Much more fitting.

Thehyph1731d ago

Unmentioned point:

In regards to Titanfall, nothing is set in stone. Respawn do not want to give up any freedoms with their game, and I feel that they got the good end of the stick with the EA publishing deal. EA got their victory by getting to publish a game by the Call of Duty creators.

Who knows what deal was made? It might have been open enough that Respawn can choose another publisher for a probable PS4 version of Titanfall.

Another thing: Respawn have said that they're going to make the games that they want to make, so it's probably not EA's call for Titanfall to have sequels.

There might be only the one game.

xHeavYx1731d ago

Wow, can you fall any lower with your poor trolling attempts?
I'm petty because I don't want to buy an inferior console to play just one game? (which will probably end up on the PS4 with improved graphics and all DLC)
I'm sure you tell all your Xbox friends who want to play PS4 exclusives to go buy a PS4 /s

Army_of_Darkness1731d ago

Ea can make it up to Sony by giving us an exclusive dead space sequel! That's as scary as the first one.

Nexus381731d ago

how is Killzone and Uh- um Just Dance i guess.. that seems like all you've got

aCasualGamer1731d ago

" We are firm longterm supporters of Sony "

= We are releasing Titanfall down the line, don't worry. We simply got caught up with Microsofts big checks.

UltimateMaster1731d ago

EA needs to clean their sh*t.

They stopped supporting the Wii U.
They made exclusive games for the Xbox One while very much knowing DRM policies were going "supposed" to take place.
When themselves has had DRM Online Passes with all their games in this past generation.

They'll need to do something huge to redeem themselves in the eyes of the gamers.
A ton of DLCs and endless free-to-pays cash cows aren't exactly what's the most appealing to the gamer.

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cleft51731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

So basically EA was betting on the Xbox One being the top dog from the start and now they realized they messed up and backed the wrong horse. Honestly, they should have known better because the original idea for the Xbox One was a console that very much appealed to them and when was the last time core gamers rallied behind anything that was designed to appeal to EA.

It's not like anything EA made was going to stay exclusive forever anyways, I mean it's EA for goodness sake. They are way to in love with making money. Even so I have friends that are buying the Xbox One and it would be nice for them to feel like their big name exclusives would last for a little while.

monkey6021731d ago

Im more enclined to believe they had backed microsoft because of their original stance on trade game drm. Ea had dropped their online passes days before the xbox one reveal and their stronger partnership because the console could impose the restrictions ea wouldnt have to.

THamm1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

EA sees its not a major factor to consumers purchases anymore. They've held back games evolving by buying and monopolizing everything that was once good. What goes around comes around. Yes they prematurely dropped online passes not knowing MS 180. They helped kill SEGA and now wanted to off Sony...

djplonker1731d ago

@malokevi It is on pc If I wanted to play it I can but I dont..... I do care about bf4 though!

opinska1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

You don't know sh$t... We will see though. Now xbox sales as good as the ps4 in amazon and gamestop

djplonker1731d ago

maybe in the us but not worldwide

ryse forza and dead rising together just beats killzone in preorders!

260k for the 3 xbone launch titles

250k for killzone

I dont expect a reply....

BG115791731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

@djplonker Actually no, you're not taking account preorders outside de US correctly...
32 countries VS 13 countries, check your numbers again.

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NYC_Gamer1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

EA is only loyal to making cash plus they don't favor any platform

CaptainFaisal1731d ago

SONY should have renewed the contract with EA , now Microsoft will get good exclusive things that we wont with ps4 -.-

Tooly1731d ago

uhh dlc a month early isnt l33t

PR_FROM_OHIO1731d ago

like what timed exclusive DLC?? Lol!!

cleft51731d ago

Honestly, EA isn't knocking anything out of the park right now as far as game content goes. All they are doing is milking sequels. I am much happier that Sony focused on Indie games and other AAA companies like Ubisoft and Bungie who actually have really interesting games coming out.

Sacrificing EA was a bold move on their part, but Sony understands the game market and knew that if Playstation 4 was the top dog EA would come around. Low and behold we have this article here.

ThatCanadianGuy5141731d ago

haha.EA looking at those pre-order numbers and trying to cozy back up to Sony again lol

CaptainFaisal1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

actually pre orders are alot on both consoles, so EA dont really care. And i know Sony are winning ! i pre ordered 1 myself :)

Tooly1731d ago Show
cleft51731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Sony preorder numbers are at least double what Microsoft is generating. Back in August, according to the VGChartz Knack had more Preorders than Titanfall. Think about that, Knack had more preorders than Titanfall.

You could say it's due to their release date, but Destiny by far had more preorders on PS4 alone than Knack. Microsoft has been getting outdone in the preorder numbers department. That is the only reason Microsoft has changed their direction so fast and why EA is coming out with statements like this. Which is basically a slap in the face to Microsoft and people only buying a Xbox One.

DanielGearSolid1731d ago

Meh... Stick with MS, match made in heaven

GarrusVakarian1731d ago

Agreed, 2 of the greediest companies in gaming.

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