Ryse: Son of Rome New Campaign and Combat Details Revealed by Xbox One Dev

"Crytek may have faced issue after issue with the upcoming Ryse: Son of Rome, be it with the game's debut facing criticized for the excessive use of quick time events or the developer's recent controversy on Twitter regarding crunching in development. However it may all be worth it when the game releases according to some new details offered by a confirmed Xbox One dev."

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Lalanana1756d ago

I hope the gameplay is as good as this guy say. Looking forward to it.

Eonjay1756d ago

If they want to nail the battle system, they should go easy on the QTE and make it feel more natural, like you are in control. Give people the option to chain together attacks and add execution attacks to the end. My biggest gripe is that the stop/action sequences seem too frequent.

falviousuk1755d ago

you are in control, the so called QTE are just fancy finishing moves that you do not need to do.

Stop reading into the misinformation campaign in here and use your own brain

Eonjay1755d ago

Thank you for that response. Actually I am basing my information on what I have seen with my own eyes.

malokevi1756d ago

Sounds like it works exactly the way I always expected it to work. Once again, people making something out of nothing.

this is a day-1 buy for me. Not necessarily for the gameplay, but for the amazing cinematic experience that they are looking to deliver. Combat, from the looks of things, looks like a lot of fun, though.

Nyxus1756d ago

This will probably the game I'll buy with my Xbox One.

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tigertom531756d ago

game is looking great, should be a must buy or play..

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