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CoD: Ghosts on PS4 runs at 1080p Native?, "Wait For Official Words From Activision" says Yoshida

SCE President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has commented on one of the hottest topic on internet today, "Call of Duty: Ghosts Resolution on Playstation 4".

Yoshida also clarified whether the lightbar on new DualShock 4 controller will constantly Glow or Fade Away after specific time? (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

Credit url: gamepur.com
pedrof93  +   676d ago
Is this news ?

Seriously ?
GmIsOnPt360  +   676d ago
hhahaha the question itself not an answer deemed news LOL WTF
Ron_Danger  +   676d ago
In a way it is news. It shows the contrast between how Sony and Microsoft are handling their 3rd party PR.

Microsoft has been throwing numbers and figures around as fact only to have those numbers change a week later.

Sony is telling you to go to the source for the answer.
GearsOfWar  +   676d ago

You guys are something else >.>

GryestOfBluSkies  +   676d ago
well 'wait for confirmation' is a much different, and more promising answer than 'we dont know what 3rd party devs are doing'

we'll find out for sure in a few weeks. i dont think sony ms or activision are going to tell us anything meaningful
Ron_Danger  +   676d ago


Read the whole article including the update.

The source is Major Nelson by the way...
MorePowerOfGreen  +   676d ago

You're joking right? It's the same answer with one guy explaining why he can't say LOL.


"Is this news ?

Seriously ?"

This more legitimate news on the topic than some trolls on Neogaf making baseless claims. This whole thing is an attack on XB1 over BF4 & XB1 love in my opinion.
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GryestOfBluSkies  +   676d ago

if you really think these companies have no idea whats coming to their console, then keep drinking that kool aid buddy.
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Kool_Aid_Guy   676d ago | Spam
corvusmd  +   676d ago
@Ron, you couldn't be further from the truth...it's usually the opposite, MS gets hammered for making statements like this all the time. It's not MS making numbers claims, it's everyone else...like developers, bloggers, and fans. Whenever MS says something like this, about waiting for the developer to confirm the numbers, every PS Fanboy comes out of the woodwork and says that it means MS is inferior and stupid for not knowing...yet when Sony does the exact same thing....

That being said, I would like to see your proof where MS said something about numbers that had to be revised....since they are "throwing numbers around" that should be easy right!?!?! The answer is you have this backwards....MS as been telling you to go to the 3rd Party Developers the whole time...funny how now that Sony is doing the same thing...all the sudden it's being responsible, not a sign of weakness.
ohiostatesman  +   676d ago
Its gonna be kinda annoying to see that glowing bright light on the PS4 controller for those that are getting it. Sony solution is to use duct tape on your brand new controller :(
malokevi  +   676d ago
It was news when Pennello said it. Not only was it news, it was "confirmation" that the XB1 version ran at lower res. Here and on Neogaf.

This place is a zoo.
ZodTheRipper  +   676d ago
Too bad you can't leave since you're one of the attractions.
malokevi  +   676d ago
corvusmd  +   676d ago
Exactly my point....the trolling around here is ridiculous. No one cares about facts anymore. It's all about "fighting for your side" although one side definitely seems more aggressive on the slander front than the other. It's all about blowing everything out of proportion and trying to make the other console look bad, when really there is no reason to...or making your console look better when there is no fact to support that. The hypocrisy here is incredible....I thought I read somewhere that the average gamer is 24 years old now...yet we still see everyone act like uninformed little kids around here. How about we all stop being jaded, and trying to prove that we are "the better gamers" (almost as retarded as saying you are the best tv watcher) and we all go back to just loving to play games that we find fun. If we all take a step back, we'll see that ALL GAMERS are getting spoiled this gen.
I admit I was planning on getting both at launch, but now I'm using the PS4 money to buy XB1 games until they get a list of exclusives I care about, but that doesn't mean I rule out the idea of ever getting one. I just prefer the exclusives on XB1 and the Network is much better which is perfect for games I like...just a preference. That being said, I haven't seen any games on PS4 that put any games on XB1 to shame, but if someone has a legit reason to disagree with me...go for it, no big deal. What gets annoying is all the false "facts" and pointless negativity. *end rant* :)
StoutBEER  +   676d ago
Do you guys really want to spend the next gen arguing... AGAIN?! Im getting X1 1st cause the launch line up looks better to ME. And I like the snap feature and really eager to try it out. But when TLOU 2 is announced ill be picking up a PS4. I missed out on some great games this gen because i stuck with the 360. If i have my 'gubbins' ill also have a 3DS, and once I can drop some serious dough, a PC. But overall, you go ahead and leave a sour taste in your mouth. This is going to be my first time owning a console at launch, and i'm really stoked.
majiebeast  +   676d ago
I want clarification from Activision at this point they cant ignore this till the NDA is lifted.

Just rip off the bandaid already and get it over with, same for DICE and every other developer who is beating around the bush when it comes to resolution of the PS4 and XB1 version.

Well atleast Yosp didnt say the game looks amazing on PS4 but just said "Go ask Activison its not our game im not touching this with a 5 foot pole"
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MrCrimson  +   676d ago
It's widely reported that the new COD on both consoles runs at 1080p 60FPS.
Philoctetes  +   676d ago
There is a 100+ page thread on Gaf indicating that COD is 720 on the xbone.
thrust  +   676d ago
Well it is true then :)
pedrof93  +   676d ago
In june, but some rumors stated that Xbox will run it at 720p.
MrCrimson  +   676d ago

Last June talking with Rubin, the executive producer at Infinity Ward who in that article says they have "already achieved 1080p 60fps on next gen consoles"

Rumors are rumors folks. I haven't seen anything resembling a credible source on this issue. The above is from the horses mouth, until I hear something from someone not hiding behind an unofficial forum account and can speak proper english I'm not going to go crazy.

For the record the graphics from Ghost run already at 720p on the X360. They are not a vast improvement for the X1 version, I cannot possibly reasonably believe they would be unable to attain 1080p, I'm sorry these rumors are trolls plain and simple.
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Eonjay  +   676d ago
Personally I think Activision should make a statement. All they have to do is say whether or not the game they promised to be 1080p @60FPS is still that way.
Saviour  +   676d ago
So in reality, "People at Gaf actually created the game?" lol.
Legacy212  +   676d ago
Why isnt everyone going crazy on this article like they did on the x1 article? As I said it is very unlikely that they would make one game 720 native and other 1080 native. Just waiting for the flood of haters to come here.
Nitrowolf2  +   676d ago
the article was just posted and it's already heating up fast....


don't even bother with feeding it
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B1663r  +   676d ago
Seriously, have some empathy for PS fans. This is literally the only good news they have had in weeks. Their games look like crap compared to X1 games, all their games have been delayed, they have a single use UI and Sony won't show publically, without any apparent ability to add third party apps.

Not to mention there are many videos of their console over heating and crashing when you try to play games.

Show some compassion, let them have this.
boing1  +   676d ago
^^lol, what? We already have next gen. We don't need more.
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Utalkin2me  +   676d ago

46 ignores, rofl. Lets just make that 47...
sigfredod  +   676d ago
Bub+ you made me laugh with the pole reference XD
Volkama  +   676d ago
Of course they can ignore it. There would be no consequence at all.
Funantic1  +   676d ago
Yep 1080p 60fps on both PS4 and X1. http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
Mohlest   676d ago | Spam
creeping judas  +   676d ago
Love the title, it's like it's a confirmed truth, but with a question mark. The proper title should of been "Will COD:Ghosts run at 1080p on the PS4?". A statement cannot be a question. But hey it's all done for hits.
Legacy212  +   676d ago
I agree they dont want to make a title that might make ps4 look bad. We all know the sony defense force would come at full force to attack the author and article
Xsilver  +   676d ago
so your the MS defense force?
Legacy212  +   676d ago
No I would say im pretty sensible to both systems when im around people who are also sensible like my friends or family. I got nothing against ps4 I know it will be a great system with great exclusives and I will be playing my bros ps4 when he gets it and to beat the exclusives I like. However it seems this site has more more extremists fanboys then sensible reasonable fanboys. They go wild on xb1 articles talking soo much shit but never question anything sony. Its getting really annoying reading the comments of the sheep that blindly follow the hate instead of using their brain
Xsilver  +   676d ago
Xbox one day one #1
13d ago by Legacy212 | View comment

-_- your a xbox faN attacking Sony fans for doing the same thing your doing am i missing something here.
Legacy212  +   676d ago
yea I said xbox one day one on an XBOX ARTICLE you dont see me going into ps4 articles says ps4 is shit xbox is better killzone is garbage ps4 isnt ready etc etc. Want to show me how I am anything like the ps4 fanboys that flock EVERY xbox article talking mad shit. I came here because if you go to any article with cod for xbox one you see all this negativety saying the system is shit based on rumours. Its so hypocritical. When penello said he didnt know the resolution everyone went crazy saying its 720p when yoshida says he doesnt know the resolution no one says anuthing. I never make comments bashjng the ps4 or saying one console is better then the other or insult people who buy ps4 feel free to look through my comment section. Its the sony sony extremists on this site that I cant stand
Majin-vegeta  +   676d ago
Why not just Ali A he already has the xbone version.


@below the info is on the outside of the box if i'm not mistaken.
#5 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Idba  +   676d ago
It isnt the real game i think, just a duplicate without any data on the disc itself
Niv  +   676d ago
The onus is on devs to answer questions.

If they hv to be transparent
Skynetone  +   676d ago
The last I heard the ps4 version was hitting 90fps at 1080p, but locked to 60fps, the xbox should be able scrape 1080p at 60fps
#7 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
iceman06  +   676d ago
I heard the same thing. Word had it that it took 3 weeks to get to 90 fps unoptimized and it took a couple of months to get XB1 unoptimized at 15 fps...all ported from the same PC code. If this is true, then I could see where the problems come in. Still...all rumors posted from "insiders" on NeoGaf...so we shall see.
g-nome  +   676d ago
I heard it was hitting 1 frame per minute , they busy cranking it up. They are waiting for more dollars from Phony and Ms.
90Supra  +   676d ago
The resolution doesn't even matter...

No one should buy this garbage - pick up BF4 instead...

(or KZ:SF on PS4)
#9 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Max-Zorin  +   676d ago
They say only idiots play COD anwyay. So I'm pretty sure they don't care.
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Codey47  +   676d ago
TBPH This engine would probably run on a calculator at 1080p
torchic  +   676d ago
iceman06  +   676d ago
There are rumors that NVIDIA has linked CoD: Ghosts as one of the first titles to support 4K res. Maybe the textures in the original code are really beefy (game said to take up more than 50GB on HDD) and causing issues in porting down to consoles. (NeoGaf rumor...may not be valid, but DOES make sense.)
MultiConsoleGamer  +   676d ago
One fanboy will say "uh oh!"

Another fanboy will say "he knows the truth and is waiting for Activision to drop the bomb."

A third fanboy will say "this series doesn't matter because it doesn't run as well on my machine."

Another fanboy will say "suddenly this series matters because my toy gets the superior version."

And so on...
#12 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
InTheLab  +   676d ago
I'm sorry but what does it matter? Same s***ty animations running on an ancient engine. I'd be shocked if CoD Ghosts isn't naitive 1080p on the WiiU...
KontryBoy706  +   676d ago
It's Call of Duty... that game should be able to run at 1440p LOL
ballsohard2013  +   676d ago
is N4G an anti-Microsoft site? I'm starting to wonder cause out of all the gaming sites they always seem to post info or rumors that seems to take shots at xbox360 and x1.

Im new to the fanboy shit. Can't say i ever was cause i own every console but in admission i have hated nintendo since gamecube and on with all their kiddy mario games lol.
Cuzzo63  +   676d ago
So you never seen a negative sony article... where were you last gen. Lol
TheFutureIsBlue  +   676d ago
Seriously, if Killzone can run 1080p at 60fps then I don't see why any other game can't. It might be another reason why developers aren't saying anything. They see GG doing such a great job and they probably think "Wow, they did that. Now every gamer expects that" Hell yeah we do. This is 2013, going 2014. We want 1080p and 60fps. We were promised that this gen and it didn't happen.
#16 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mkai28  +   676d ago
It was early but here is one: Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin. "While COD: Ghost may run at 60fps while running at 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One"

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josephayal  +   676d ago
Nothing can stop the PS4 Graphics, nothing

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