NZGamer reviews UEFA Euro 2008 (8.5/10)

Angus Deacon writes:
''Football fans were treated to FIFA '08 late last year and many would agree that it was the best game in the series for years. Now they have to consider forking out another small bundle for EA's latest effort, which focuses purely on the European league.

Thanks to the smaller number of teams (52 teams in total), the developers at EA have been able to amp up the customisation and detail levels throughout the game. Every player has a stunning likeness to their real-life counterparts and the stadiums vary massively across Europe. For example, playing Andorra at home is going to be a more like a mud-wrestling match than a football game. Rain can pelt down on your players, causing soaked shirts and hair that sticks to your players with life-like accuracy. When conditions are like this, the ball behaves accordingly as well. Long passes can stop dead in puddles and slide tackles can stray dangerously off target. Even goalkeeper behaviour seems to shift accordingly, making for some realistic football.''

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