Let’s talk about the Ellen Page controversy

Blurred Pixels: I was initially hesitant to discuss this topic. It appears that many other journalists as well. I’ve seen articles come online then disappear a few short hours later. Let’s discuss what’s going on.
Okay, so, here’s what’s happening.

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SegaGamer1733d ago

No she shouldn't be as annoyed as she is. For goodness sake it's not even her, it's a bloody CGI model.

If she is worried about this ruining her career then she is one dumb actress.

Mega241733d ago

this could be a real issue, if she did not gave permission for the Dev to create a fake model of her naked, She has all the right to sue, or "bitch" about it if it was not on the contract( I repeat IF NOT in the Contract).

Let's see where this goes maybe it won't take a turn for the worst.

cleft51733d ago

In one of Ellen Page's movies, the one called Super I think, she rapes a male teenager. If anything is going to bring down her career it will be the stuff she actually did in those movies. Not this picture, at the same rate Sony is taking the right steps by aggressively targeting anyone that puts up these pictures.

This really does speak to the importance of not using AAA celebs in games. There ego is just way to big, that has to be the reason that Rockstar doesn't bother with AAA celebs for GTA main characters. There are plenty of talented actors and actress out there, no need to go with big names.

Besides, her involvement in this game just turned the game into Ellen Page the game. It's really annoying how much she overshadowed the game itself.

FamilyGuy1732d ago

She's probably just pssd that the body model looks like crap compared to her own. The side shot was okay but those other two looked terrible.

SnakeCQC1733d ago

Lets release a nude rendering of you and see how you react

SegaGamer1733d ago

I wouldn't react because guess what ? IT ISN'T REAL.

zerocrossing1733d ago

She does have a right to be angry since the nude images could potential harm her public image, Porn websites will take advantage of the CGI model and try to pass it off as actual nude images of Ellen Page.

The thing I don't understand is why Quantic Dream would even need to create a fully rendered nude model of Jodie if the idea was for the scene to be censored anyway?

Zichu1733d ago

It's like in Metro Last Light. There is a section in the game where a women is showering and another is taking a bath, but it's all hidden behind curtains in a room you can't access, so you can't see anything.

Like a week or so after the game was released, there were pictures of these women fully nude. You could see from top to bottom of both of these women. There is no reason to even have those textures.

I'm wondering if those scenes and textures were put into the game in case they were allowed to show it and it might not have been allowed, so instead of modifying the textures, they just left them in there...

zerocrossing1733d ago

That's possible in the case of Metro Last Light, but I really doubt Ellen Page would have agreed to having a nude model rendered to be used in game, that's just asking for trouble.