PSN Store Claims Battlefield 4 is 1080p on PS4

"EA DICE never officially confirmed the resolution of the next generation console versions of Battlefield 4, and admitted that demos shown at event ran at sub-1080p resolutions on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Today, something very interesting surfaced. The description of the game on the PSN/Sony Entertainment Network claims twice that the video output is 1080p."

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s8anicslayer1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

PS4 seems poised to become the console standard for 1080p, we shall see in 22 days 15 hours 10 min and counting.

Lalanana1644d ago

Hehe, Alot of people will be pissed off when their tv can't handle it. Go out and get yourself a good tv folks.

pedrof931644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I think nowadays a lot of people has a 1080p capable TV.


"PSN/Sony Entertainment netrowk"

You better fix that please.

0ut1awed1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Yea, pretty much any HDTV purchased within the last 3-4 years probably has 1080p and defiantly can do 60fps, even cheapos.

HDTVs have been able to produce 60fps since they have been for sale. Hell even a decent amount of old CRT TVs could do 60fps.

I think your getting this launch mixed with the 360/ps3 launch. These systems shouldn't require you to get a new TV, they just fill in everything your current TV can do.

That's NOT a bad thing.

KillrateOmega1644d ago

They don't have a choice really. If I remember correctly, the PS4 will only function with a HDTV.

Eonjay1644d ago

Call of Duty Ghosts has the same message on its page:


Abriael1644d ago

@KillrateOmega: that includes 720p TVs as well.

Army_of_Darkness1644d ago

Every game on the ps4 better be 1080p native. 720p was so last gen.

SharnOfTheDEAD1644d ago

Mines just got 2 dead pixel lines... Hope it'll be replaced in time...

sAVAge_bEaST1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Got one, I think more people will be pissed, when their system, does not handle 1080p. (since you have to be rich to game xbone, I'm sure they have 1080p tv's too.)

NeoTribe1644d ago

Its pretty much the norm nowadays. Sure, there are a few unlucky souls out there. but overall not an issue at all. 1080p should be standard now, especially for a supposed next gen console.

Magicite1644d ago

Not necessarily, can order one by internet.

gaffyh1644d ago

@Killrate - Well it only has a HDMI out port, I'm sure that there is a converter out there somewhere and someone could probably get PS4 working on a crappy old TV set. Unlikely that anyone will actually do it, but it's probably possible.

NarooN1643d ago

If someone can afford a PS4, they can afford a decent HDTV. HDTV's used to be crazy expensive, I won't even mention when they first hit the scene decades ago (but were pointless since virtually no content was created for the resolutions) but even in the early-to-mid 00's they were super-expensive. Today you can find great sets for dirt-cheat. I upgrade the 26" in my bedroom to a 32" for only $208.

So I don't think it's a problem, at least not a realistic one. There are some really old HDTV's out there that only had component support, with no HDMI, but the odds of someone keeping a set like that around for such a long time...

ohiostatesman1643d ago

Too bad its not true. Dice already confirmed BF4 runs less than 1080P on next gen consoles.

SnakeCQC1643d ago

yeah more or less everyone has a 1080p tv they are very cheap atm. Even if you didnt the system will run at whatever your maximum your tv supports.

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Abriael1644d ago

I'd still wait for an official confirmation, as it may very well be a mistake. Repeated twice on the same screen... not very likely, but the possibility is there.

s8anicslayer1644d ago

Indeed but this coupled with the IGN claim about Ghosts 1080p seems like there is some truth to these claims.

nukeitall1644d ago

This is likely a mistake, after all BF devs has already said otherwise from what I remember.

Abriael1644d ago

@nukeitall: they said the final resolution still wasn't decided.

us_army1644d ago


EA may not make an official public announcement with such information as it could hinder other partnerships, they may have officially told Sony, but no one else until the game itself becomes public.

Legacy2121644d ago

Look at the back of any 360 game or ps3 game and it says 1080p -_- how is this confirmation fo4 native 1080

sigfredod1644d ago

also could be upscaled, so yes better to wait official statement

SilentNegotiator1644d ago

Until we get official confirmation of "native 1080p", it means nothing for the game to "be 1080p"

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Destrania1644d ago

PS4 is the next-gen platinum standard. Anything else is just compromise.

Tsar4ever011644d ago

No, it means it either 720p or 900p and UPSCALED to run on 1080p signal and not 1080p native.

Ju1643d ago

...or 1080 native. Basically it is no confirmation in any form or way.


Its because everything will be upscaled to 1080p anyway.

Magicite1644d ago

So can I say for sure, that after this confirmation, all games on PS4 run on native 1080p?


No, not all will be native 1080p. Upscaled and native are two different things.

colonel1791643d ago

Let's just wait. Microsoft has been bragging about 1080p for a while when they just upscale it. Let's see first if it is going to be native 1080p. The PS4 might be very capable, but it's a launch game. Usually launch games are remembered as nothing special, specially technically.

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pedrof931644d ago

If PS4 is more powerfull why is people complaining about the lower resolution on Xbox ?

I don't get it.

Insomnia_841644d ago

Because they are still in denial.

nosferatuzodd1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Bubble up for saying that I wanted to say it but has you can see speaking the truth here will get you killed or should I say bubble down I'm almost mute by the Xbox defense force oh shit here they come RUN!

Destrania1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I knew it was likely to be 1080p on PS4 considering how powerful and easy to develop for it is, and the fact that every other game on it is 1080p as well. I knew DICE would be able to figure it out. Can't wait for launch day!

Legacy2121644d ago

People have to understand that because it says 1080p it doesnt mean native 1080p I can lool at the back of viva pinata right now and it says 1080 p

BBBirdistheWord1644d ago

The wii u has 1080p games. That does not mean they look good.

Legacy2121644d ago

My point is viva pinata isnt 1080p it is whatever P upscaled to 1080p but on the back of the case it says 1080p

AndrewLB1644d ago

I'm pretty sure WatchDogs and DriveClub would not have been delayed if it were so easy to develop for.

This wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't already allowed tons of people to pre-order PS4's with those games bundled.

At least it's not Obamacare. lol. talk about a disaster.

dantesparda1644d ago

Your opinions are a disaster

mxrider21991643d ago

being easy to develop for doest not mean your game will be finished the way you want it to be... they want their games to be perfect on release that is why they were delayed not because of the difficulty of the hardware

GarrusVakarian1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

My TV is ready and has been for years.

Oh, BF4?! I thought the article said CoD Ghosts, damn! Awesome if true!

cellfluid1644d ago

It has already been stated that dice won't compromise the game due to any limitations!! On consoles So it's official 1080p ps4 microlost xfolp done still unknown.. Lol