Next Gen Can Never Fully Take Over

Every time a new generations of games and consoles have come out, the previous generation was still there, in our minds being compared to the newer generation. Even being reused in some cases, since the games were so loved, and the same will happen again.

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adventureghost1241729d ago

well obviously, people still played ocarina of time even after this gen and people still played snes games in the PS2/gamecube era. The games we look back on and love and we didn't get more of it even when we wanted more because that was an experience only meant to happen in that time.

SaturdayNightBeaver1729d ago

Still playing SNES and PS1 classics... those games are best , i think they will never ever make something as good..

thehobbyist1728d ago

I still have a SNES because Super Metroid and Megaman X are the best things ever.

TyBREAKR1728d ago

Quality is lacking in this article.

AceBlazer131728d ago

i don't think i know anyone who doesn't have an emulator for one of the older consoles or actually own them.

Elda1728d ago

Playing FF-VIII on my Vita.

thehobbyist1728d ago

I bought Donkey Kong on my 3ds. Next gen not as good as arcade gen.

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