"Xbox, snap that" - the best Xbox One apps for gamers

You probably won't buy an Xbox One for the app support, however urgently Microsoft trumpets the convergence of games and ever-inadequately defined "broad entertainment" features, but you might be surprised by how much the console's new app-friendly, multiple-partition OS contributes to its primary role as a box we play games on.

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dirigiblebill1366d ago

Exclusive side stories, eh. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a tablet, I guess. Sigh.

nukeitall1366d ago

or you could get a smart phone!

That said, most of this will likely come to Xbox One via apps anyhow. There are strong hints that Windows 8 apps is coming to Xbox One.

malokevi1366d ago

Seems silly to ice out a portion of the player base because they can't afford certain niceties. I fully expect a snappable smartglass app.

Oh_Yeah1366d ago

Or you could just get a gaming PC and have everything you could want all in one.

Goku7811366d ago

Not day one but maybe later, way later.

djplonker1366d ago

I enjoyed my 360 but after e3 and comparing the two consoles exclusives to the end of their life I am not ever getting an xbone... Adverts on my premium service lol no thanks

PixelNinja1366d ago

Snap that, all on the floor
Snap that, give me some more
Snap that, 'till you get sore
Snap that, oh-oh!

Idba1366d ago


You deserve more bubbles man