Activision rubbishes COD negotation talk

Activision has rubbished rumours that Infinity Ward has moved to take control of the entire Call of Duty series.

A spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer it was a total fabrication, and that Treyarch and Infinity Ward would still alternately create instalments in the shooter series.

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SUP3R3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Why can't Activision see that Treyarch is hurting the franchise more than helping it?
We don't need a COD every year and we definitely don't need Treyarch developing the game, especially after COD3.
Just leave it to Infinity Ward, one every 2 years is enough!
Activision is going to milk this series til' it turns to dust. Seems they're picking up on their competitions bad habits.

mariusmal3860d ago

hey it's our right to hope. treyarch is hurting the franchise, they are gonna put out an average game like cod3 was, compared to the rest of it's series.