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Submitted by FuzzyPixels 840d ago | opinion piece

Five Ways In Which Telltale Schools Quantic Dream With The Wolf Among Us

Dealspwn: "I've found myself disappointed by a number of the games that masses of others have been telling me are "masterpieces" of late, and I'm still not done castigating Quantic Dream for Beyond just yet.

But that disappointment in particular is made more stark by the arrival of The Wolf Among Us, which shows that you don't need Hollywood actors or ludicrously expensive motion capture studios or the backing of a major publisher and platform holder to deliver a game that appeals to our hearts as well as our heads and places story -- good storytelling -- at the very forefront of things." (PC, PS3, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 "Faith", Xbox 360)

Blues Cowboy  +   840d ago
Agreed. Both games are pretty hands-off in terms of gameplay, but The Wolf Among Us has such a great story compared to Beyond! DAT ENDING.
badz149  +   839d ago
yup, take something popular (books or tv series) and make a spin-off version of it! success would be easy when riding on the wave of established names!

QD is doing something original, something of their own. not hoping on other's bandwagon and call it a day! granted that there are plotholes and weak links here and there in both Heavy Rain and Beyond, but they still tell their stories pretty well.
lodossrage  +   839d ago

People are giving Telltale credit for stories they didn't even do.

If people here read comics, they'd know The Wolf Among Us is actually from the Fables comics and The Walking Dead was a comic first, TV show second, and THEN it was a game.

Telltale needs to create the OWN stories and worlds before they take any "story making" title from anyone.
FuzzyPixels  +   838d ago
The issue isn't with IP. Telltale have some duds in their history too. Heavy Rain was excellent because it has a better story than Beyond, the genre of the narrative went hand-in-hand with the genre of the game, choices visibly mattered and had serious consequences.

Should Quantic Dream be applauded for delivering a brand new IP? Yes. Does it automatically make the game better? Hell no.

It doesn't matter where the background pieces come from. A comic is not the same thing as a game, and adaptation is a risky business (in fact, in this industry, adaptations and transmedia tie-ins are usually balls). TWAU makes me care, involves me directly, and tells a good story with clear purpose.

Beyond does none of that.
XboxFun  +   839d ago
Telltale are excellent at crafting stories and getting the player emotionally involved. Another great example of not needing a super AAA budget and high paid Hollywood actors to get the player engaged,

Good story, great design and fun gameplay makes more of a difference.

Having a great time with Wolf Among Us,let's all hope TellTale is able to get some more stories from the Fable series.
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lodossrage  +   839d ago
They didn't craft the stories for their games though. So you can't say their excellent at doing it when it's already done FOR them before the game is even made

Both Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us use Comics and TV shows as source material
FuzzyPixels  +   838d ago
This is the most ridiculous response ever.

It would be like rubbishing Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy just because George Lucas invented Star Wars.

Much of the comics industry is predicated on iterating on characters and story arcs developed by others. Does that mean we can't praise storytelling in comics? Of course not.

Also...different mediums require different rules.
ziggurcat  +   839d ago
My problem with telltale is that their games are way too buggy for what they are. There's just no way they can justify the stuttering, and momentary freezing when it isn't really taxing the system at all...
Jovanian  +   839d ago
what are you running it on?

And on the topic of bugs yeah I had some pretty severe save game bugs for TWD
ziggurcat  +   839d ago
PS3. It might be a completely different story on X360, though.

It always happens when auto saving/loading.
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greatcrusader44  +   839d ago
360 version has a lot of slowdown as well.
bowserone  +   839d ago
thank you! Ive been saying this the whole time. QD tries waaaay to hard with paying big budget celebs who do the marketing for them and focuses on the wrong parts of gameplay and the story they are trying to tell. TT picked a simple but popular comic book and put a new twist on it making it something interesting! The instalments give them oppruitney to figure out what worked and what didnt and tweak things (no patch needed here) and they hype you up for the next release...cuz man DAT ENDING to ep 1 was...woah. They learned a thing or two from walking dead about taking risk. TT opened this type of genre to me as no other could have... and personally? I will remember that. (see what i did there?)
lodossrage  +   839d ago
Come back to this when Telltale makes a game where the story/world isn't already made up for them.

The Walking Dead was a comic first, then a tv show before it was a game. So they had the story set before they even made the game.

The Wolf Among Us is from DC Vertigo series Fables. So once again, just like with Walking Dead, the story was already set for them.

When/If Telltale has their OWN story made without having to use a comic, book, or television show, THEN we can have a debate on whether or not they "school" Quantic Dream
lodossrage  +   839d ago
I see disagrees, but I don't see anyone showing me that I'm wrong.

What a shock....
FuzzyPixels  +   838d ago
The Walking Dead had an original plot set in an appropriated world.

See my comment above. Adaptations in this business are usually inadvisable and Telltale has a scattershot history. The reason TWD succeeded was because the original writing was good and they understood the benefits of making choices count.

Read the article, identify with the matter at hand and take a look at the reasons stated rather than fabricating a false, straw man argument. When/if you do that, THEN we can have a debate

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