Kuma Kreations Ent. Presents: Xbox One Buyer's Guide

Kuma Wrote: The Holidays are arriving fast and everyone is starting to make their tactical strategies to take on this busy time of year, but as the system releases draw near. I noticed a growth in questions towards me on what am I going to purchase on launch and what will I acquire with it. I figured, why not just do a buyer's guide and first up is the Xbox One. Please enjoy.

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djplonker1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Xbox one buyers guide

1. Don't

SuperBlur1792d ago

2. The Xbox 1 does not play VHS tape.

Lalanana1791d ago

And they say I go to sony's articles and troll? lol

Ok. :-p

SavageKuma1791d ago

Microsoft will miss you I guess.

christocolus1791d ago

@dj.. seem so insecure about your own choice then..

djplonker1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Xbot does not compute joke?

Plus I prefer to put my 1080p tv to good use not sub Hd!

mooseo211791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Is this accurate that Day One edition consoles get a free year of xbox live per this write up? If so, not only is that news to me, but it makes me a very happy gamer considering I'll have a day one edition xbox day one.

Can't seem to confirm this anywhere. so this must be inaccurate

byeGollum1791d ago

I was just about to ask. . do we get the 12 month sub with the console? Wishful thinking ^_^

SavageKuma1791d ago

Be happy because it is accurate my friends.

SavageKuma1791d ago

Yes it is true that Day one consoles will get a year of Xbox Live for free.

mooseo211791d ago



Does this hold true in all launch countries for Day One Editions? I'm in the U.S.

SavageKuma1791d ago

@Dj, thats funny. I am starting to think certain gamers scream out 1080p for some weird excuse to play better. I honestly don't see that much of a difference and it doesn't hurt my gaming at all. I even play at 720p on my ps3. If that is your personal preference, thats all good. But, come on give me a real reason you are not happy about the Xbox One.