Xbox One: ready to launch? An audience with Phil Harrison

Edge:It is still, eighteen months into his latest role, a little odd to find Phil Harrison at Xbox. He joined Sony before PlayStation even existed in September 1992 to start its European game publishing business, played a vital role in launching the transformative console and went on to become president of SCE Worldwide Studios. He was Mr PlayStation until his departure from Sony in February 2008 – it felt like the end of an era.

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Lalanana1798d ago

I like reading those interviews. Very good read. Thanks.

MultiConsoleGamer1798d ago

I think this company is still behind the eight ball no matter what they say.

After a recent influx of cash I decided to buy the Xbox One on launch day. This is something I swore I would not do. I hope I do not regret that decision.

GarrusVakarian1798d ago

Well i guess you decided to live up to your username, lol. Ill be joining you, but i dont have a sudden influx of cash so i will have tio wait longer.

That picture reminds me of something.......oh yeah: http://images2.wikia.nocook...

xHeavYx1798d ago

They said they have been working on the console for years, and that it was built around Kinect and DRM, then a few months back they did a few 180s and there is no DRM and Kinect isn't mandatory anytime... They are obviously rushing the console

Goku7811798d ago

It's rushed, so ready or not, it will be there.

thrust1798d ago

Rushed a? How so?

not like they have had to delay games yet!

the 13 countries release is because they want to flood them with xbox ones not just 50 here and there

GarrusVakarian1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Lol, "50 here and there". Im guessing you are referring to the PS4?

Oh thrust, you show your true colours every now and again, its subtle...but its there.

Maybe he is talking about the reports of some devs saying that the drivers need updating? Or the fact that MS have hardly showed any gameplay running on final X1 hardware? Instead of stealth trolling, do some research as to why he made that comment and reply back to him with evidence that says otherwise. And need i remind you who has the most pre orders?

Thegamer411798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

If you want to take a jab at Driveclub being delayed, Kinect Rivals was delayed also.
That does not mean the consoles was rushed though so I'm not sure what you are trying to insinuate.

GmIsOnPt3601798d ago

ahhh you mean like drive club the sony exclusive that was delayed?

OrangePowerz1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Didn't MS say there are less countries because Kinect works only in a handfull of languages? For something as integral as voice commands only working in a few languages and removing launch countries because of that could imply it's rushed.

As for game delays, launch games are always rushed anyway because there are more issues with development time as you don't know at the start what the hardware is and you get togrips with the architecture even if iit's easier to use than previous consoles. Watch Dogs got delayed and they had more time to make the game compared to the time the devs had for DriveClub.

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SniperControl1798d ago

I have no doubt that the X1 will be a great console, but MS seem to be around 6-9 months away from where they should be.

The PS4 reveal back in Feb was a total kick in the nads for MS, they were not expecting that from Sony.

Idba1798d ago

I betcha he wishes he never left Sony, but i'd take Yoshida over him any day all day

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