The Wonderful 101 Gets A New Patch Update | Explosion

Platinum Games’ exclusive Wii U title The Wonderful 101 has received a new patch update this morning which will bring the game to version 1.10.

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wiiuniverse1757d ago

Awesome. This game wasnt as polished as platinums other games.

wiiuniverse1757d ago

good grief it didnt say it was broken? there was just a game breaking glitch, framerate issues on the last boss, and enemies getting stuck in the environment.
the games great it's just not AS polished as bayonetta (the version actually made by platinum) or vanquish

leahcim1757d ago

good for the 60k people that have this game.

so sad numbers.

I really hope Bayo 2 does not have this same fate.

Platinum wake up

your games do not belong on Nintendo

Neonridr1757d ago

If you want to play Bayonetta 2 or W101, then get a Wii U.

Otherwise, GTFO.

Their games belong with whoever wants to support it.

_QQ_1757d ago

I don't see this game doing much better on other consoles... the only thing that would help the sales is the larger install base.

Brucis1757d ago

Where do they belong then? Considering the fact that P* games have, unfortunately, almost always garnered low sales and that they are a third party game dev with no real alliances to the other two competitors.

BullyMangler1757d ago

lol why would i want to play ANYTHING on a Vita over a wiiU game-pad . . ?

lol sony fail

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_QQ_1757d ago

Wish we had the full changelog here.

Yodagamer1757d ago

Here is the changelog off of nintendo's site: Update Details:

We repaired the bug that disabled users from obtaining the Wonderful Figure No. 24 depending on the progress.

Adds improvements to overall software usability.

Nerdmaster1757d ago

Before it was released, I said here "as much as I want it to succeed, it's obvious that it won't sell well". I got tons of disagrees, but apparently I was right.

I'll buy it someday... But not that soon. That are too many great games being released.

Dravidian1757d ago

I wonder how many other people are saying that...
I Bought it day 1 and regret nothing.
Unite Up!

Venox20081757d ago

i hope its sales gonna pick up as install base gonna grow on Wii U and it is growing little by little, plus games on ninty products have long legs

brewin1757d ago

This game is very frustrating for newcomers as it doesn't tell you what to do that well. Once you know what to do and how to play it is a blast and is so sublime. But this game really needed a nice big instruction book to detail moves that you can purchase in the in game store and stuff like that. The one trend Nintendo is following is doing away with booklets but I hate it. I like having a nice manual to go along with my games especially ones that need it, like this. If they are saving money by not including booklets and such why the hell are the games still $50-$60?

Its a shame this game isn't selling better though. Maybe they should put out some dlc that puts the rumored Nintendo characters back in the game. And maybe, just maybe this will end up selling good long term. Nintendo games have a long shelf life and once more people get their Wii u they will grab this game.

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