Faceoff: Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Ghosts

Lazygamer has a faceoff between Batllefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, cast your vote to see who reigns supreme in the battle of the FPSs

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JustPlay41793d ago

COD: Ghosts for me just because I find it more fun and single player is always better the Battlefield's

They should just make battlefield a multiplayer Only game

TomShoe1793d ago

With the rumors that have been spreading about Ghosts on the X1 being 720p...Not so sure yet.

Will be getting PS4 version of both though.

snipab8t1793d ago

Hmmm although I have always been a battlefield man, BF3 really was the biggest disappointment I have felt in a game this generation. Also, COD Ghosts has Bot matches for split screen gameplay which is really the only reason I will purchase.

XB1_PS41793d ago

I had no idea people actually played against bots.

snipab8t1793d ago

Considering I only play really casually I never get good enough at games like COD so I usually end up just getting frustrated. The only multiplayer games I have ever really gotten into heavily was BBC2 and BF2.

Kleptic1793d ago

^what was it about BF3 that you didn't like, just out of curiosity?...and what platform did you play it on?

BF3 was a weird one for me...some friends and I all agreed to get it on PS3...and i wasn't initially blown away or anything...but we started a small'ish platoon, met some more people...then 18 months later it ended up my most played game of the entire generation...probably not my overall favorite game of this 'era', but its up there...

my competitive attention span only lasts as long as my 'teams' does...which is why i drifted from CoD after Cod4, and have stuck to class oriented team games ever since...There is no question for me that BF encourages, and rewards, complex team work more than CoD does...yet still allows decent enough lone wolf strategies to try out from time to time...

so just saying...if you're worried about 'not getting good enough'...i really think BF is the superior franchise for that mind set (although, i did see you played BF games before it)...because its one of the only franchises were you can mvp rounds, literally, without ever firing a primary weapon...and when you meet the right group of guys to squad up with, its so insanely addictive it should be illegal...imo, at least...

snipab8t1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

^ Personally I felt they messed up the damage and health stats of players in BF3 compared to BBC2. Also the guns had really frustrating recoil I just couldn't get my head around after using the weighty but accurate guns in BBC2. Also I hated how they implemented severs with alterable respawsn, which completely ruined the balance of the matches. Also, the destruction was disappointing, it had a campaign rivaling the worst of the shooters this generation.

Don't get me wrong, I admit battlefield could be fun with friends, however I just never got addicted to it like I did with BBC2 and BF2.

BTW I was playing on xbox 360. I probably should have got it on PC but the specs were too high for my computer.

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Spinal1793d ago

Battlefield 2 was an Only Multiplayer game, Singleplayer was tacked on for those whiney lot.

But anyone who buys Battlefield to play singleplayer is lost in the world of gaming.

Battlefield destroys COD in every way possible. COD hasnt been good since Modern Warfare 1 & World at War.

GuyThatPlaysGames1793d ago

"CoD hasnt been good since Modern Warfare 1 & World at War." That is clearly your opinion and not a fact. If it's so bad, then why are there always hundreds of thousands of people playing CoD at ALL TIMES? CoD's gameplay is unbeatable. The pacing of the firefights is intense and fun. Battlefield, you gotta run around for 5 minutes just to see someone and then die and repeat the whole process.

XB1_PS41793d ago

@OVO there are a multitude of different maps, and map sizes in BF. You can play a cod size map, with fast gameplay, or play a huge map and fly a jet or something.

NeutralWaters1792d ago


Hit the nail on the head! BF3 is tedious at the best of times, 5 mins to run to your death. And then, to make things worse, everyone is only playing one map on the same mode...
It's such a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I brought the game... but we all make mistakes!

Spinal1792d ago

@OVO & Neutral,

Clearly both of you have only played the Console version of Battlefield which is a VERY POOR representation of the game. When you play it on PC on Ultra settings with 64 players you will see what Next gen gaming really is.

With 64 players you certainly don't run for 5 mins to find someone and also only if you're bad you would die right after spawning. You both sound very unskilled and probably the type of players in favor of playing against bots.

BF3 offers many types of matches close quarters smaller maps with 32 people is crazy frantic and still much more fun than COD, i tried Black Ops 2 and didnt play it again after like 20 mins. It's like an ancient arcades in one of those bowling alleys that never moved with the times. its a classic feel but a relic of old skool online shooters. It needs to move with the times.

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SavageKuma1793d ago

I am going battlefield this time around. Everything that you can do in that game is no contest.

NeutralWaters1792d ago

Apart from it not being fun...

SavageKuma1792d ago

Thats your opinion of course, but I found it very enjoyable, which is why COD is trying to implement some of the features from battlefield into their game. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy COD's storylines more than the multi-player, but I am hoping the best with Battlefield.

RVanner_1793d ago

I always get both.

Battlefield when I've got a decent amount of time and fancy really getting involved (Weekends)

COD When got an hour in the evening and want some quick entertainment requiring minimal brain power after work.

xHoii1793d ago

These articles would never stop..
Just go for for what you like..
I know that in a few minutes everyone here is going to turn this into an argument of which game is the better one..
It's about prefrence and as the two games are so different there isnt really much choice for some people..
Glad I love both games :)

Wizziokid1793d ago

Battlefield hands down.

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