PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Details on AI "Odette", Promises info on Monsters Next Week

Today Capcom offered a few new details on the AI "Odette", and promised new info on monsters for next week.

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AsimLeonheart1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I wish this game had a robust single player campaign. It is looking awesome but the online-only part puts me off. I do not have a good internet connection to play online. Moreover, I prefer my games with story, music, characters and gameplay with meaningful objectives instead of just aimless gameplay with superficial objectives.

FamilyGuy1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Maybe it'll have a single player story mode sort of expansion if the online game does good enough.

This player housing thing just screams micro-transactions. It's like PS Home, buy decor and set it up to show it off to your friends. Nothing necessary to the game play I would guess.

Seeing how high quality and modern it looks and knowing that the game itself is free to play means people could treat it just like PS Home so they might actually make decent money on this apartment thing alone. Some might download and only use it for this purpose.
Only things I'm confused about are the lack of characters present in said housing. What do people look like before they go traveling in to the past? And how many people can gather in a house? Is it limited to the 4 you go on these quest with or can it be a larger group like WKCs town/georama where you all hung out in a much larger group (12-16) and decided who would go together while there?

I look forward to hearing more about the different monsters though.

cactusjack1640d ago

i would guess capcom would use the micro transactions on weapons, armor, skills, bosses, locations, extra content, stuff people would actually need.

FamilyGuy1639d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll do both.
Cosmetic and things that effect game play.

fghtrer3fb5erg1640d ago

It does have single player but you have to be connected to the internet just in case someone joins you in, while playing on your own and waiting for others to join you, you wont need a faster internet connection.

cactusjack1640d ago

if you cant afford high speed internet i cant see how you could afford the ps4 and the equipment required for it (tv, controllers, accesories, etc).

MethCupcakes1640d ago

He/she never said anything about not being able to afford high-speed Internet. Said that Internet is not fast enough... Stop being a douche

speed3891640d ago

maybe he is in an area with bad internet speeds? dosnt mean he cant afford it...

AsimLeonheart1640d ago

In my country a 10 Mbps connection is worth $100 a month WITH a data limit. Just four months of internet is equal to the price of PS4. Moreover, it relies on copper telephone landline cables which are very unreliable. The speed is very inconsistent, latency is high and a little bit of heavy rain can kill the phone. Can YOU pay $1200 annually just for a shoddy internet connection? Not all of us have been lucky enough to be born in wealthy first world countries and never realize the problems of the rest of the world you know.

pyramidshead1640d ago

amen dude. Too many games being dedicated to online only gameplay is a bit depressing. Especially when your internet sucks like yours or mine. I think even Titanfall could benefit with an offline mode or campaign.

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FamilyGuy1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

The more info the better, a release window would be nice too.

Abriael1640d ago

I think they already stated that beta will start around the release of the PS4 in Japan.

FamilyGuy1640d ago

Yea the beta but what about what's their release date goal? April? June? It seems pretty much up in the air.

extermin8or1640d ago

THis is getting a western release right?!

sigfredod1640d ago

I'm 100% it will, since it was first shown on the global PS4 anouncement event, if was shown instead on the japan only conference then other story