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EU PlayStation Plus November Update now available: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Remember Me

El33tonline writes:

"It’s that time of the month again when PlayStation Plus subscribers in PAL territories get showered with free games for PS3 and PS Vita. November’s line-up is particularly tasty with recent titles such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Remember Me leading the charge." (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS Vita, PS3, Remember Me)

pedrof93  +   178d ago
I will just say this, if MGS fans think that Rising is a MGS game, you will be disapointed.
tom110584  +   178d ago
yeah, it's a platinum games title through and through.
aCasualGamer  +   178d ago
Dude, all i can say is that Sonys PS Plus is a mother-fa*****ng-beaaaast of a deal for gamers. I mean Metal Gear Rising and Remember Me are actually full blown games.

4 games a month x 12 = 48 games.... for 50$... That's pretty insane. I can't understand why they don't market this more... i mean this would be a knockout punch on Microsoft interms of marketing.

Microsoft - "Play online for 50$ a year!"

Sony - "Play online for 50$ a year... and here are 48 full blown games!"
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fsfsxii  +   178d ago
A short one too, with no snake smoking in the loading screen...
Irishguy95  +   178d ago
It's awesome though
GirlOnFire  +   178d ago
I still love MG Rising. I played on the hard mode. I broke my red DS3 controller on the final boss. ^~^' Ahh good times I want to play it again but on normal. As for Remember Me I bought it for 13.99 on PSN in U.S. store. I wanted to play it for a long time.
tom110584  +   178d ago
how was remember me?
majiebeast  +   178d ago
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GirlOnFire  +   178d ago
I haven't got to play it yet ^~^' I'm playing Infamous 1 playing catch up before PS4 comes out. I'll play it next. :P
fsfsxii  +   178d ago
The final boss was fairly easy if you knows his next move, he's very predictable. Took me some time to get him though
GirlOnFire  +   178d ago
Well I really suck at some games :P Your way better than me obviously :D
djplonker  +   178d ago
What is on games for gold this month....pong?

ps plus shows it cant be beaten anytime soon!
LEOPARD1030  +   178d ago
Plus is amazing
My_precious  +   178d ago
WTF with SCEE, it's not november yet...!!!

btw... thank SCEA :((
sevilha82  +   178d ago
just an apart,in the exclusives it´s the beta for Dark Souls II,i dont remenber signin for it and didn´t received the message to reedem any code from Psn it just apered in my store i´ve donwloud it but it´s unplayable apearlly the servers will be open in the weekend,i´d like to know if it´s on other´s people stores as well.
sorry for the offtopic, cheers.
djplonker  +   178d ago
I am checking just now I will update this post!

Edit: Yeah its there (eu psn) seems like the beta is a ps plus exclusive Thanks for letting us know!
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sevilha82  +   178d ago
you´re wellcome glad to be of service...
pyramidshead  +   178d ago
Don't mind if I do Sony! Ta muchly. They'll take me a fair while do download but I was planning on buying these games at some point. Yet more value added to the pile. I'm becoming like a steam collector where you start to get too many games....thus too many choices then start suffering from this:


But still, PS+ literally over paying for itself yet again.
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djplonker  +   178d ago
When I bought my 500gb slim I was like I am never going to fill that up... it only took 6 months of ps plus a whole £20 to be filled with nothing but AAA games

I <3 sony

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