The Los Santos Fight Club in GTA Online

Youtube user, Reply Goblin, somehow managed to perform the miracle of gathering a group of GTA Online players under the same roof without complete mayhem breaking loose – at least for a little while. The rules were that only one fight could occur at a time and no weapons were allowed. Those two rules lasted for just a few minutes before they were naturally broken. A wrench, fire and burning vehicles came into the mix shortly after. He even managed to set the right environment and have the fights happen under a grimy city bridge with no shirts on.

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RamsesNum11759d ago

Awesome, I've been looking for a club like this. hopefully, when we get the content creator, we'll be able to make it happen.

GarrusVakarian1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Trying to get a group of people on GTAO to follow rules? Ha, it would be easier to ride a bull through a fine china shop.

Mr_cheese1759d ago

Much better than the GTA Drive movie one uploaded earlier this week. Hoping to more of these.

Phene1759d ago

Lol this was pretty funny ...the mayhem bit was good too lol

Agent_00_Revan1759d ago

Pretty good. im more amazed he actually got everyone to play nice!

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