[MWEB GameZone Review] PayDay 2: The Real Cops and Robbers Simulator

MWEB GameZone reviews PayDay 2 and finds it to be the best Cops and Robbers Simulator to date.

Overkill Software really lived up to their name here. This is a crime simulator of note. Payday 2 takes what the first game did and moves further into an online space with more focus on co-operative play, which is rightfully where the series needed to be. Does it deliver the goods? Is it worth your hard earned cash or will it rob you blind?

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HanCilliers1759d ago

What an outstanding review, it really made me itch to get my hands on the game

schmoe1759d ago

lol @ Sam Fisher need not apply here

Sillicur1759d ago

Now i need to buy another game!

DesVader1759d ago

I didn't pay much attention to this game until I read this review. There is a lot more in it than I expected and it looks like a great game to play online multiplayer.