iPad Air Features That Will Benefit Gamers

John Bedford (Modojo): The new iPad Air was announced by Apple at its much-anticipated reveal event in San Francisco yesterday. For tablet gamers, there were two keys pieces of news. First, the company is releasing a more powerful iPad, named the iPad Air on November 1. Secondly, there'll be a faster Retina-enabled iPad Mini 2 hitting Apple Stores towards the end of the same month.

What does all this mean for mobile and tablet gaming though? We're starting with a look at the new features of the iPad Air, and what they could mean for the future of gaming on the go.

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MultiConsoleGamer1677d ago

Dear God it's beautiful.

Day one.

Jony Ive is a genius.

theXtReMe11677d ago

I'm with you man. Day one for me. My screen on my iPad 3 is cracked and it costs far too much to get them fixed. The lesser weight and more power will be awesome. I was hoping that the rumor that they were making a 13 inch version was true, because I would love an even bigger screen. Though this is just fine. I just hope that there is 128 GB version at launch. I'm tired of running out of space and having to delete things. I almost bought an iPad 4 with 128 GBs.

Can't wait for November 1. Only a little over a week away.