Gaming PSU – What Should I Get For My Build

HardwarePal : Choosing a PSU for a gaming rig, is not a daunting task but is one of the most important aspect of a gaming rig.

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steve30x1729d ago

What you need to get is a PSU that will power all your hardware. For instance if all your rigs hardware uses 550 watts then get a 650 watt PSU for the simple reason that a PSU will slowly degrade over the years no matter how good or expensive it is. After five years your PSU will be down in power by fifty watts or maybe slightly more so in five years your PSU wont have enough power to power your hardware properly and you will start having trouble if you get a PSU that matches your hardware requirements exactly.

hiredhelp1729d ago

Thats not True ive had PSU lasted over 5 years that seen several builds.
They do degrade over time but not the way your making it sound depends how much ware tear if your using full amps.

steve30x1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago ) Prove that wrong

Determine the wattage you need. Use a PSU calculator web page or software to help determine your requirements. Even better is to find a review of a similar system that measures power consumption. As that consumption is measured at the wall, multiply by the review system's power supplies efficiency to get the output. (If you don't know, 0.82 will be close or slightly pessimistic.) Don't purchase a PSU just above your requirements unless you plan not to upgrade the system. Also, PSUs age, losing power over time. Purchase a PSU that will take you through your next few upgrades, over a multiple-year period.


Dude4201729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

That's not even evidence, you just typed something to search in forums/answer websites. Besides, Capacitors most likely age faster the more you stress the power supply, such as full power 24/7. It all depends on how you use it.

I've seen computers that are over 10 years old that still have their original power supplies, and yes, still works. Doesn't seem like capacitor aging has that much of an effect like you think.

steve30x1729d ago

I've seen 10 year old computers with dead power supplies. The way you are talking is you might as well get a 650watt PSU if your hardware requires 650watts which is completely wrong. And no I didnt go to forums or websites just to search for the answers. You just dont want to see the truth.

hiredhelp1729d ago

Steve give it up i started in custom pcs age 17 im now 34 Dude420 is right PSUs are not like they used to be.

steve30x1728d ago

WOW So because you have been building computers for 17 years means that you are the only person in the world who builds custom computers and you know more than everybody else. For your information Ive been building custom computers with ten years. I know what I am talking about and many professionals will agree with me.

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