DICE Claims That 15+ Titles, Powered By Frostbite, Will Support Mantle - Hints At Unannounced Games

DSOGaming writes: "The interesting thing here is that the question was for future games, powered by Frostbite 3. Since Andersson claimed that there are 15+ titles that will be able to support Mantle mostly out of the box, this could very well mean that EA has probably more games - that have not been announced yet - that will be powered by DICE's latest game engine."

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Neixus1729d ago

Planning to get the new R290x card, so that's good that more games will use Mantle.
Hopefully Battlefront is one of those games =D

john21729d ago

really curious about the other 8 titles that will be powered by Frostbite 3 engine

FlyingFoxy1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

The card has so much power i'd be surprised if any games still dip below 60fps @ 1080p.. especially with Mantle.

In fact with 5.6Tflops of power it should run games above 60fps @ 1080p for years, for some reason i doubt that will happen but it'd be nice.

ATi_Elite1729d ago

EA's gameplan is simple:

From now on Every non EA Sports Game will either run on the Frostbite 3 engine or be made by Bioware PERIOD

somehow someway I'm sure EA is trying to get Madden stuffed into the Frostbite 3 engine or find a way to have Bioware Dev team attached to it.

DeadlyFire1729d ago

Bioware is already using Frostbite 3 for Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect next, and future titles. Stated awhile back I believe.

EA Sports Ignite engine is based off of Frostbite Source code. So its pretty much an augmented version of Frostbite 3.0 or vice versa. Its the same engine really. Just one is going to stay with EA sports and adapt to Sports physics, and mechanics over the years while the other stays in EA's main circle. Adapting to everything else.

HarryB1729d ago

Im hoping its road rash.

porkChop1729d ago

Oh yeah? And what happened to all the Frostbite games that would apparently "require" 64-Bit?

DeadlyFire1729d ago

64-bit OSs have yet to go full fledged sales wise. As many gamers still have 32-bit Vista, Win7, and even Win8 I believe.

Their new tech likely works best with 64-bit though so 32-bit gamers might see some troubles with their games. That's why they want to push people into 64-bit gaming.

porkChop1728d ago

Yeah I understand what you're saying, but last year Dice said that some of the 2013 games running on Frostbite would "require" a 64-Bit OS. 2013 is almost done and I don't remember a single Frostbite game requiring 64-Bit.

DeadlyFire1727d ago

Yeah I know. Only two coming at the moment are Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals. Battlefield 4 was intended to be 64-bit only at first. They did 32-bit as well though. The Beta was 64-bit only on the PC. The recommended specs aim at 64-bit as well. I suspect this will be common over the next couple of years.

I say 32-bit users might have troubles. Its mostly due to RAM as 32-bit is locked at 3.5 GB and 64-bit is not. I have a 32-bit system myself. The new generation PC, PS4, 1BX games will all be 64-bit. Anything built for PS3, X360 and older PC hardware is aimed at 32-bit.