Psone Classics Inbound?

The ESRB is at it again showing some news that hasn't gone out yet. According to some recently rated games we will be seeing some more classics hitting PS3 and Vita.

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TheOneEyedHound1583d ago ShowReplies(5)
Skate-AK1583d ago

Bummer. The website won't load for me.

Skate-AK1583d ago

Ended up working. Just took a while. The two games are Gex: Enter the Gecko and Mr. Driller.

teflontactics1583d ago

The site won't actually "go down", but the server is being slammed pretty hard so it's slow right now. We apologize for the inconvenience guys - we're working on ironing out traffic issues ASAP.

Skate-AK1583d ago

Awesome. Thanks for the update. The server being slammed is a good thing. Means you are getting some good traffic.

GdaTyler1583d ago

I've never ever been able to load that website. Every other website loads for me. O_O

teflontactics1583d ago

That's odd. If it's an issue besides traffic it might be fixed later this week - we're making some changes that should alter how the site loads.

Nabbic1583d ago

How many times do I have to say these to make them happen?

Dark Cloud 3
God Hand 2
Ape Escape
Croc 3
Jak & Daxter 4
Shadow of the Colossus 2
Crash Bandicoot
Ty the Tazmanian Tiger 4
Jet Set Radio

Just make it happen. All new games.

Brix901583d ago

A new Ape Escape reboot would be nice especially for the younger audience that never experienced it earlier on.

JunoDivided1583d ago

I would like a SOTC reboot not a sequel. After they make the last gardian of course

Miraak82 1583d ago

Give me lunar 1&2 for psn and I'll be happy

GentlemenRUs1583d ago

Ape escape
Ape escape 2
Ape escape 3

Thats all I really ask for...

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The story is too old to be commented.