In Kingdom Hearts III, Sora Will Have Two New Abilities

Siliconera: We recently got a look at a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer during Disney’s D23 Expo event, that showed off action scenes that incorporate Disney rides, like a spinning pirate ship and Big Magic Mountain. This week’s issue of Famitsu shares some new details on the game.

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M-M1517d ago

More than two would be great, but those two abilities can go a long way. Just look at KH2, they added drive forms and look where that went. I had a feeling Sora would get some abilities like Terra, now I wonder if you can use those abilities alongside drive forms to allow some versatility(if added). As for the attraction rides, I wonder how that will play out.

AsimLeonheart1517d ago

I want stylish and powerful dual wielding! KH2 had dual wielding but only during drive forms. This time it should be usable normally. Although they can make it powerful and secret or hard to obtain so that it is a highly sought after ability. Something like Kirito's dual wielding in Sword Art Online would awesome! :D

GutZ311517d ago

Just give me the game! I've waited far too long to play the third installment!

My_precious1517d ago

give me darth vader and lightsaber keyblade

1517d ago
MilkMan1517d ago

Pathetic. Tell you what. Scratch this game, go back to drawing board and come back with something that at least resembles our collectives notions of next-gen. This whole thing looks like a ps2 hold over.

Feralkitsune1517d ago

Oh, how is the game? It's obvious you've spent some time with it.

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