New animations in FIFA 14 change "the feel, the look, the fluidity" of the game

GR-UK writes: We spoke to FIFA 14's producer, Nick Channon, about how they were working to ensure that the next-gen version of the game was the definitive one. "We wanted it to feel different to any FIFA game you'd seen before," he told us. "So that's kind of the approach we took, it'd been great to be able use the EA Sports Ignite engine, and it's really about using the processing power and memory - just so much more processing power, more memory - on the new consoles, so now we're able to do significantly more processing around the physics system which is obviously core to our game, and we've also been able to add significantly more animations which changes the feel, the look, the fluidity within the game as well."

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pompombrum1757d ago

So now we will get treated to some new heading animations when everyone sweats it down the wing crosses it in and strikers score nearly every time they head the ball? AWESOME.. said no one ever.