Console Wars: Words From the Brilliant Minds of YouTubers

A funny round up of dumb comments made on YouTube about console wars.

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BoriboyShoGUN1670d ago

These are the mental giants we share this world with gents.

darthv721670d ago

I am more than half way through mt lifecycle...I worry about my kids and how they will be viewed if they play the wrong platform.

that's why I teach them to buy all of them. that way they are covered whenever faced with a tough situation like...what do you think about the new mario or halo or god of war game.

they will be able to hold their own as they will have been trained how to answer because they have the game and experience. Its the least i can leave them in my legacy.

ChrisW1670d ago

Wow... Teach your kids to buy and play all of them? Seriously?!?

I'll tell you why I don't believe you; You're on my ignore list because you've posted really strong (and quite stupid) fanboy flames in the past. In other words, you're contradicting yourself by claiming that you're not a fanboy, but a fair and level-headed gamer. Rather hypocritical, aren't you?

rainslacker1670d ago

Whether your a fan of Nintendo, Sony, or MS here on N4G, with all it's "hypocrisy", "biases", fan boy rampages, and lack of moderation, I think we can all at least agree that it's still better than the YouTube comments section.

Agent11670d ago

It's comments like these that make me wish we were all back in the 80's, where there was NO internet, & social networking involved. The ignorant comments, and fanboyish replies this year have been pretty damn awful from what I've seen. People just need to stop posting their opinions, and just enjoy the console of your choice. PERIOD!

ForgivenZombie1670d ago

Or just get both if they both have games you like, who cares what everyone else says. If you're happy that's all that matters.

Agent11670d ago

Your absolutely correct! Which falls in the mindset of people that have an "OPEN MIND". However, particular gamers cloud their judgment by being an EXCLUSIVE FANBOY. I understand that money can be an issue for lots of gamers, but If people were just open to the idea of getting both consoles, then your going to just enjoy both worlds. No need to complain about anything.

ChrisW1670d ago

Ah... but I remember, in elementary, that the cool kids were the ones who brought Nintendo Power magazines to school and everyone would gather around and gawk at Super Mario Bros 2.

It was simpler and more benign, but there were fanboys back then. It was mostly the "Haves" versus the "Have-Nots."

rainslacker1670d ago

I wish that at times too. Console wars were more fun back then.

I do kind of disagree with you on posting opinions however. I would rather see intelligent discussion of these opinions and critiques, as opposed to how it just becomes fan boy drivel.

Too much to hope for?

obelix011670d ago

Lol. Sounds like those comments came straight from here. Especially comments about the X1. Some of those comments are truly stupid. The ones about how the NSA will spy on you through kinect is one of the better ones.

Agent11670d ago

The fact that people actually believe that one KILLS ME! lol

obelix011670d ago

Yeah. Its ridiculous. I can't remember some of the comments being as bad as they are now.

ricochetmg1670d ago

The government is spying on us and don't put it pass them to use your console.

Viking_Socrates1670d ago

Truly nothing can compare in all the years of literature, economic theory, philosophy, and law as the incredible complexity of YouTube comments who give out insightful well meaning post that show the very best humanity has to offer and totally does not lead one to misanthropy.