PS3: Sony's (New?) Trojan Horse for Digital Distribution

In light of the PS3 video service and a major movie studio announcement, this editorial explores how Sony's PS3 is a more successful Trojan horse than Microsoft's console.

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Yi-Long3888d ago

... which is basically that now you kinda 'lose' your online-bought content, when your console breaks down and gets replaced.

Also, as long as buying something online isnt cheaper than buying the 'real' version in the store, why would we bother!?

DLC is only a plus when it's cheaper, and when it STAYS yours, even when your console breaks down, or when in a few years time you move on to the next-gen consoles...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3888d ago

Microsoft knows it, Sony knows it and, so do investors. Know why? because more content is added "daily" with a huge ammount of studio and network support. Example 1: Guitar Hero, 3+ million songs sold. Example 2: 1 million COD4 map pack downloads in one day. The marketplace is sailing not sinking, if were sinking then they would be jumping off, not jumping in.


Utalkin2me3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

What do you mean by kinda? What you meant to say was you do not loose your online content you just have to redownload it. But on the other hand on stuff you have to redownload on a different machine it makes acrcade games trial unless you are signed into to live with your orginal account. So you do not loose your online content on XBL. Man you people really need to do your research before posting. If you dont own the console then why are you posting about false stuff about it.

PopEmUp3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

that what called business, company these day care about making money, because the digital distribution such as games contents you've mention is pure gold to the company when it come gaining profit with less expense from the company so yeah I would say this would be a great choice for business/inverter to make

The Killer3888d ago

just a few hours ago u had 2 bubbles and come u have 5 bubbles now?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3888d ago

Thats some other person, some nut crackpot. He has like 5 accounts mocking me. Whats realy sad is it's the same guy, and he's been running around giving people + and - on bubbles, using those 5 accounts.

There is only one Jason 360 and I don't use multi accounts. I think that guy is off his medication, or someone accidentally let him out of his cage. You know I fear that if I piss the guy off to bad, he might climb a clocktower, go postal, and start sniping people.

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sonarus3888d ago

hahaha i just love fanboy imposters makes me laugh everytime.

This guy makes it sound easy. Considering SCEA and the other studios have had a lot of trouble coordinating into something profitable for a long time i can definitely see them having friction at first. Howard Stringer will have to step in to set the whole thing up but yea sony does have the advantage. They will also be creating key relationships with studios due to them owning blu ray and all but it still won't be that easy but it can definitely be done

Yi-Long3888d ago

I said 'KINDA', cause you do 'kinda' lose your bought DLC. You'll have to be logged into XBL, in order to access your bought games etc.

Ofcourse, for many its no problem being 'logged in' non-stop, but still... there are those who dont want to be constantly online, and TBH why should you HAVE to be logged in, in order to play your own bought DLC!?

Sayai jin3888d ago

@ Yi-Long - Yup, MS needs to fix the DRM issue, but you ask why would someone bother. The same comparison for CD's and MP3's.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3888d ago

You better start building it 3yrs ago Sony.

fenderputty3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

is just another format. It's not going to excel enough right away to stop physical media. I know it's something that will happen but, it's got some years before it takes off. The MP3 hasn't even killed the CD yet. People aren't using DLC for dvd's enough to impact a much smaller form of media as well. What makes you think DLC will take down an expanding BD market?

Like I said ... it's going to happen. It's just not happening now. If Sony's doing this to get, "their toes wet," they're doing it at the right time.

PirateThom3888d ago

Sony = major studio support without doing anything.

Other studios they're close to follow suit.

They have the backing of all the studios on Marketplace including themselves.

Microsoft can't compete with Sony on the movies front, because Sony will never support their download service over their own which they control.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3888d ago

All they need are the studios they have already secured, Sony is one studio and not even the biggest, majority rules. Thats how they beat HD DVD :)

PirateThom3888d ago

I think a lot of studios would sign up to a Sony service through the PS3 as well because of the Blu-ray/download option. It has both potential audiences covered.

I'm basing this entirely on stipulation. I don't really care about digital distribution bar making sure it's offered as nothing more than an option and not a replacement for physical media.

ChrisGTR13888d ago

i doubt that. why would they digitally distribute movies when they have a blueray player already built in. thatll completely defeat the purpose and make blueray player usless. not to mention they already make tons of cash from blue ray movies.

Killjoy30003888d ago

I don't think digital distribution would deem blu ray useless at all. All it would do is expand the the horizons of choices which the consumers could make. It wouldn't be confusing either seeing as there's only two decisions to make. All it would really be doing is catering to the consumers preference. when it comes to movies, I prefer a physical copy so I, myself, will not be buying much in terms of video content on the store but many others will.

SUP3R3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I can see this happening in the future, but not while they're still trying to gain market awareness and adoption of BR.
I still have a thing for physical media which I can't move away from right now or in the near future.

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