Korean Woman Sues NCSoft Over $28,000 Sword in Lineage

One 64-year-old woman would not accept NCSoft's refusal to give back her extremely rare item in Lineage, and sued the company. It did not work out in her favor.

The woman's gaming log showed her to have continued enchanting items after the sword was destroyed. It was also noted that she failed to enchant other items and purchased an in-game scroll to increase her chances.

The court went on to say that even if she had destroyed the sword by accident, NCSoft has no responsibility to restore it for her.

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windrider071732d ago

Haha I was actually going to post this up from GameSkinny :P Shocks me that a person would actually sue a company over a virtual item. If you paid for something and didn't get the item and the company did nothing about it, then you could do something but an item?'s just a game. Want to make money off a valuable virtual item? Sell it on ebay lol.

mirroredsakura1730d ago

Why thank you! And yes, I agree, taking it to court is a little excessive - but I think she was probably hoping they'd back down and avoid all the trouble.

Still, the way the court put it was silly. Just because she enchanted other items after the sword? Dude, I do batch enchants often enough without noting for sure what each item was until afterwards... and that game does not exactly distinguish individual items very well.