Social Media Data Predicts Playstation 4 To Outsell Xbox One 2:1

LS writes "The question that everyone is asking is quite simple. Which will you be buying? Will you buy a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One? It’s a question that we sought out to answer and the stats speak volume. According to social conversations on Twitter, the PlayStation 4 is expected to outsell the Xbox One 2 to 1. The social conversations also showed us that 17% of people intending to buy a console are still undecided on which one is right for them. But that’s not all we uncovered, check out our latest infographic for the full results."

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djplonker1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Is anyone going to be surprised by this info?

HelpfulGamer1759d ago

I'm surprised it's 2:1 not 4:1.

mikeslemonade1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

5:2 by the end of this generation. I'd say just under 2:1 early on.

Feels great to be #1 every generation since PS1 haha

Retroman1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Im surprise this is posted at all.

no brainer......

in 2014 3:1

HugoDrax1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Good for Sony! they could use the positive news. I wonder what FORBES list has to say about this? Hahahaha outselling a company on one product is fine and all, but overall assets, sales, profits and market value is what truly matters.


#38 SONY


? SONY ?


#506 SONY

The information I posted above is the real war companies are having N4G, while you fanboys continue to live in your bubble thinking it's a war regarding two entertainment devices hahaha!

"Men lie, Women Lie, Numbers don't"

OrangePowerz1758d ago

It's a gaming website not a financial website. The market value in that regard is unimportant.

sobekflakmonkey1758d ago


The only reason you're saying any of that is because you know the PS4 is ahead right now, it's a desperate attempt to save some face, yeah, all of that may be true, but it has nothing to do with video games, that of which we are all talking about, and Sony seems to be dominating at the that's all that matters to us, so suck it.

mikeslemonade1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Don't care.. Sony is #1 in the games division so I get to play overall the best games just by owning one system.

If you play games the PS4 is the best value and the best "bang for your buck".

djplonker1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


Thats because m$ overcharges for thier crappy software linux is the future!

plus microsoft just buy out brands 6 billion for nokia yeah genius..... go back under your bridge mr butthurt troll and have fun with your xbox 720p

HugoDrax1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


True! It is a gaming website not a financial website, thus why do people care about the sells numbers to begin with on N4G? What is the title of the article?

"PS4 to outsell XB1 2:1" KEYWORD: OUTSELL


I like how everyone keeps saying the financials don't have anything to do with video games, yet everyone keeps talking about SELLS? Also, save some face? lol coming from someone who will have both PS4 and XB1 at launch I'm trying to save face? No sir....You all are the ones on the defensive lol, I'm not a fanboy so please stop it.


If I play games? lol okay, and PS4 being the best bang for my buck is your opinion. I'll add to the fact that I own every console so don't say I'm a fanboy. Guess what else? I have a PS4, extra dual shock, KILLZONE reserved for November 15th at GameStop. Do you need proof? Of course not, but I would be happy to oblige.


"go back under your bridge mr butthurt troll and have fun with your xbox 720p"

Now you my sir are a FANBOY! Who says I won't have a ps4 on November 15? Shows who's the butthurt troll, I stated facts yet I'm a troll. So come the 15th, will you have a PS4? I know I will. Please don't make me post a picture of my GameStop receipt either....You would be the butthurt fanboy once you see my games list, minus Second Son and Watchdogs..

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NateCole1758d ago

I am will be surprised if this happens in NA. It still is MS to lose in NA. They have a very strong following in NA.

The rest of the world is a very different story though.

k-dillinger1758d ago

im sure they are talking mostly about na its gonna be more worldwide obviously

djplonker1758d ago

hey us europeans have to wait 14 days longer so sony could try and steal that market so just prentend like it will work and hopefully that 2 weeks means they can get ahead in that market!

Angels37851759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Saw this from halfway around the world

quinten4881759d ago

Good Call,Good Call! PS4 will dominate next gen.

thrust1759d ago

Am getting the xbox one because it suits me more!

am just wondering why it matters who has sold more consoles at the end of the gen?

Nexus381759d ago

because this site has gone downhill, the users are so fussed on what their consoles rival is achieving it is hilarious how people get so mad, about other peoples opinions, and to think i used to enjoy browsing this site, now it's just sonyggers all mindlessly agreeing with each other kinda of like a group forcing laughing together :)

Swiggins1758d ago

Implying this site was ever uphill to begin with...

Oh lol

Axe991758d ago

Well said - as long as both platforms have a healthy enough install base that will support development, being #1 or #2 isn't important, and both look like they'll start plenty healthy, which is good for everyone :).

mkis0071758d ago

To me, when a console, like the ps2 did, dominates, more exclusive third-party games are released and not tied down by development parity.

mcstorm1758d ago

@thrust Well said im doing the same but for me the WiiU has more im interested in over the next few months than the PS4 and the Xbox one put together.

I want all 3 to do well come the end of the generation though as its better for us gamers to have competition.

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sAVAge_bEaST1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

That's just launch, and we all know what happens from there... Friends, tell friends, that tell friends.

(side thought/ramble, Sub7imin4lly when I see blue, I think sky, ocean, cal,m.. when i see Green, I think dragon, money, snake.)

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