Diablo 3 countdown update: 'not an official announcement' staff member Medievaldragon writes:

"In the past days there have been a lot of activity in the network sites after the countdown teaser. A few forum threads keep continuous debate between Diablo fans of what this announcement will be. I have given a few responses of what it is not, to make sure fans won't be thinking the wrong thing. We have made no claims and expect fans to not get caught up with the wave of speculations and rumors in the forums and the web to the point to believe them.

With that said, I will mention some of those I have ruled out since it seems fans haven't thoroughfully read all the forum posts in said thread.

Things the May 1 Announcement are not:
1. It is not an official announcement of Diablo 3
2. It is not about an upcoming Diablo novel
3. It is not a Network merge"

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mariusmal3860d ago

they are generating heat. if the revelation isnt' good they are gonna get burnt by their own heat. i'm not getting hyped, because everytime i do, things never beat my expectations.

Tyrael3860d ago

I'm there all the time. I think it's probably Blizzard buying out the domain and having it link to them, because if Blizzard knows about the countdown and it wasn't a domain capture, they wouldn't let release the news.

Medievaldragon3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Right on the nail, Tyrael. It was announced by now. Blizzard Acquired the domain name. The ownership transfer will take place probably on June. For now, the community has changed domain name to

The will continue to link to until June, when it will be under the control of Blizzard Entertainment. This ownership transfer was not a sale as some gaming sites have reported. Roger Barr (Mockery) decided to give the domain name to Blizzard for free, at no charge. A fan himself, he gladly gave the domain name knowing this could pretty much mean Blizzard is preparing for a diablo game announcement.

We think ... and this is rumor ... that the announcement might be made at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals in Paris through June 28-29. It was this date when Diablo II and its expansion were released back on 2000 and 2001. Neat coincidence?

We got some heat from people who didn't see that as great news, but we were expecting that to happen. You can't please everyone. The majority is happy to hear the news, because that set red flags all around the globe that Blizzard might be preparing the path for the announcement at some point. That's much more than what fans had prior to the countdown. A great reason to rise hype up.

For those who diminished this news to not be so hot, I just want you to take a look at all the Gaming Sites who think otherwise. They spread the news widely across the world. This is the list of Game Sites -- at least who posted within the first 24 hours: