Beyond: Two Souls Review (Digibytes)

Digibytes: "Beyond: Two Souls is an outstanding game that grabs players with its stunning opening and doesn’t let go until the game’s conclusion. We meet Jodie and witness her life. While her journey is rough at times, watching her grow and develop into a fascinating and flawed character is spectacular. The gameplay may be underwhelming at times, but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment the Beyond: Two Souls brings."

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MyFeetHurt1727d ago

no thanks i dont play games with titles like-

"beyond: Two Souls"


badboy7761727d ago

Amazing game just beat it tonight

stonecold31727d ago

one of my favourite games I finished it but keep on coming back I just cant let the controller down it got me hooked on this game . and it got that feeling there more to the story to it.

VersaVulture891727d ago

I played it unsure if I would actually like it because I had heard plenty of negative comments, but once I started playing, I couldn't stop.