Hey, Remember The Xbox 360's HD-DVD Drive? It Was A Thing.

When people point to Microsoft's biggest folly of the last hardware generation, they'll normally suggest either the Red Ring Of Death pandemic or an unhealthy obsession with Kinect. Both of those have been problems for Microsoft, sure, and I'm sure we'll get to covering both of them in our "Last-Gen Zeroes" feature, but I don't think they've been as big a failure as the ill-fated - and now all-but-forgotten - HD-DVD drive.

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zeal0us1799d ago

If MS had use HD-DVD as the primary media format for the 360 instead of DVD, these thing would still be around.

Pandamobile1799d ago

That would have been an absolutely terrible move for Microsoft. For one, consumer HDDVD players didn't even hit the market til Q2 of 2006 (almost 6 months after the 360 launched), and the cheapest standalone player was $500...

zeal0us1799d ago

Oh well it sound good in my head I guess.

mikeslemonade1799d ago

I remember BloodMask stopped commenting on N4G news articles when HD-DVD annouced discontinuation.

OrangePowerz1799d ago

It would have made the console bigger but it would have been also better for games instead of having to use the space limits of a DvD.

Pandamobile1799d ago

Lol, so you're arguing that 360 games would be better because they had extra disk space?

rainslacker1798d ago


lol, I remember him. I was a lurker back then. Didn't even have an account.:) ah...memories.

Can't speak to him, but I put forth that games would have been bigger all around since games wouldn't have been constrained by the DVD disc size. Multi-plats took a hit because of that.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I still use mine periodically...own about 20 movies for it.

ooquis1799d ago

Well look at it like this. 50 years from now it might be a collectors item and your kids can retire early.

Pogmathoin1799d ago

Yeah, got the 360 version when it launched and another for $20 when it was discontinued... still get movies for it, sometimes as low as a dollar or 2, 1080p goodness! Cannot go wrong with that... love it... now just need that BladeRunner set to go through the roof sometime....

showtimefolks1799d ago

Damn these things and the memories lol

Bluray was absolutely the right choice

GribbleGrunger1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Yep, I remember that and a year of sites claiming it was winning over Blu-ray. I advised my friends not to buy one but they just wouldn't listen ... I was sort of glad they didn't really. The hard way is sometimes the best way to learn. Thankfully they're now buying the PS4 this Christmas (all but one) on my recommendation.

VINNIEPAZ1799d ago

"Thankfully they're now buying the PS4 this Christmas (all but one) on my recommendation."

What does a format war have to do with them buying a PS4 over an Xbox One? You act like Xbox One is going to be a complete failure. Must be more N4G logic I guess...........

GribbleGrunger1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I simply told them it would be bonkers to pay more for a less powerful console when all they wanted was multiplatform games. Note that two years ago I told two of my friends to buy a 360 because all they wanted was multiplatform games, so it's only fair I use the same logic for next gen. They trusted me because I was right about HD-DVD, but like I said, they learned the hard way.

Crazay1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I agree with you. It may have been very costly to MS and they would have lost money on each console sold, but I think had they eaten that cost as Sony did HDDVD might have won the war. The cheapest bluray machine at the time was about $700 here and that was part of their (sony's)marketing strategy.

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MrSwankSinatra1799d ago

i remember it being 200 dollars and then blu ray winning format war then being left with a useless HD DVD drive.

rainslacker1798d ago

I do recall HD-DVD movies being super cheap to buy once it got discontinued though. Some big new release titles were going for $1-2 a piece. Those circuit city rental discs abominations could be had for 25 cents a piece, and the rental restrictions removed.:)

CaptainPunch1799d ago

I can't believe I wanted to buy one back then.

MightyNoX1799d ago

Look how far we've come. Glad to see we can upgrade the HDD on the Xbox one.

Oh wait...

supes_241799d ago

Lol! That's right, almost forgot about that. With mandatory game install and the increasing digital games on Live, having a unremovable HDD is a big mistake.

UncleGermrod1799d ago

Both consoles cap at 500 and will require a purchase to get more storage. Main diff is that xbox one will require an external drive while ps4 lets you take thee 500 out and replace it outright. I'd rather it be replaceable, but hooking up external shouldn't be a huge deal.

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