3DS XL Limited Packs announced for Japan – Orange X Black, Turquoise X Black

Nintendo has just revealed a pair of 3DS XL Limited Packs for Japan.

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jc485731612d ago

orange x black looks nice.

Masterman2801612d ago

Should have made the circle pad orange as well, but still very nice. Reminds me of the Orange Box from Valve.

thehobbyist1612d ago

Half-Life: Source. Coming to 3DS in 2014

DarkBlood1612d ago

The Orange one gives me that dragon ball z feel to it. and theres no announcement for the 3ds zelda xl for canada tsk tsk tsk, hope either one comes over here lol

WheatBread1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

It would look better with orange in the inside with black buttons.

SonyNGP1612d ago

Orange Is The New Black.