Gears 2 Gameplay Footage Hits May 9

Kotaku reports:

''Jonesing for your first taste of Gears of War 2 gameplay footage? Fortunately you don't have too long to wait.

Gametrailers TV just secured themselves the first in-game footage from the game. The bad news?...''

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Lunch3885d ago

But that game footage will rok ur sox!!!Ok,yeah we know the graphics won't have the same mind blowing effect Gears 1 graphics had,but the game play is what rocked Gears 1(minus the glitches obviously),so as long as you can still chainsaw Locust,I'm sold 8)

kewlkat0073885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

except, I've been sold since I beat the first Game..

I got my 360 because of this game ya know.

Imalwaysright3885d ago

You're a fanboy of a game not a particular system. Imo there isnt anything wrong with that. If everyone on N4g were fanboys of games instead of systems this place would be a lot better.

sonarus3885d ago

yea i am very proud to say i am an MGS fanboy:p
That being said what i loved most about gears was the cover based gameplay. It really gave a realistic depiction of war imo. The boss battles were excellent as well. I hardly played MP due to lag but i played coop a couple of times till my cd got scratched beyond the point where 360 could recognize it. Anyways can't wait for the gameplay footage. Hope they show a boss battle:D

kewlkat0073885d ago

like John Lennon..Imagine


hades073885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

They should do a comparison of Marcus Fenix from Gears 1 and Gears 2 because they keep showing the cowboy dude to show their soft skin and other effects that were added to unreal 3. We want to see Marcus or Dom at least, not some dude who looks like he belongs out in the wilderness looking for gold.

After GTA IV and MGS4 this will be the third game this year to help you blow your load.

PS360PCROCKS3885d ago

Blow your load? It's a videogame man, maybe that's your thing but I don't "blow my load" to big muscled animated man characters, I prefer real girls, but hey if that's how you swing.

hades073885d ago

Haha not my thing either, just screwing around, having fun having a day off work and getting high on earth day. Woohoo Earth Day.

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zonetrooper53885d ago

Can't wait, hopefully a taster of some single player action or maybe some mutiplayer news?

Fishy Fingers3885d ago

Pop that one in the calender :)

Harry1903885d ago

calendar,bueno hehehehe.
Yea,i want to see what it looks like.

Atomic3885d ago

why so soon ? maybe the fear of embarrassment if they would have waited to show something after the Resistance 2 footage hitting on june 13 .
Epic desperate to save face after seeing the mindblowing Resistance 2 teaser?

Ali_The_Brit3885d ago

wow this story is about too go too 350' in like 10 minutes il bet...
anyway i wont forget its my bday lmao, and finnaly we can see of the xbots claims it will blow sony away are justified!

ravinshield3885d ago

as long as its not a 3 second video.hahahahaah

toughNAME3885d ago

I'm keeping my expectations low for this one. I'm thinking there's only going to be a few seconds of gameplay...if that.