7 Video Game Franchises Making A Come Back On Next-gen

These 7 video game franchises have been absent from the industry for years--sometimes decades--and are now making a come back on next-gen consoles.

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obelix011580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I want to see another Legacy of Kaine game. Blood Omen 2 was one of my favorite games.

A new Star wars Battlefront game will do just fine however.

darthv721580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Agreed. Legacy of Kain is one that skipped this past gen and should get a revival.

As for the others on the list...only shadow of the beast, killer instinct and battlefront were not part of this past gen.

the others had a release on ps3/360 so i dont understand the part about "absent from the industry for years".

black0o1580d ago

Dear sony it about time u re-introduce The Legend of Dragoon

kparks1579d ago

Everytime there is a article like this someone says LOD and i completely agree LOD 2 would be sweet

itBourne1580d ago

Never gonna stop saying it, EVER! Dark Cloud return!!!

ZHZ901580d ago

Would be great to see Dark Cloud and Onimusha back.

OrangePowerz1580d ago

Many of them I wouldn't qualify as comebacks because they had games this generation. Surprised that Oddworld isn't on the list.

TENTONGUN1580d ago

id like to see road rash, full spectrum warrior and a new star wars jedi oucast. maybe a new star wars knights of the old republic as well. good fuckin times !!!!!!

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