How Can Nintendo Save the Wii U? Wii U Pro Edition?

With the next generation Playstation and Xbox on the horizon. It seems as though Nintendo is just going to sit out on this next-gen battle. But is it really over when it comes to the Wii U being relevant this generation?

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PopRocks3591674d ago

Release more games that people want. Duh. Pikmin and Zelda Wind Waker HD spiked sales a little. The price cut also helped. Now combine all that with Smash Bros. or Mario Kart. If the Wii U isn't selling better by next year, then it'll probably be another Gamecube at the worst.

Sincere01211674d ago

I hope it is another GameCube or n64. As them consoles had the best games on, don't really care about sales. Im a gamer, couldn't care less about sales or spec as long as good quality games are being produced.

hollabox1674d ago

If the games don't have sales, developers, publishers don't get paid. We all know what happens when game companies can't make money.

browngamer411674d ago

There's an idea, market The U to the very crowd who hates it(that'll work).. I'm sick of people wanting the big N to cater to the "core" crowd, let's stop the madness and make your main fan base(the core Nintendo fan) happy, with games like Mario 3d world looking more and more awesome I think they are headed in the right direction..

lilbroRx1674d ago

The "true" core cround are the only people who know who know what the Wii U is, and have one.

Chrischi19881674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Ok, I watched the whole video and again, I am stunned by the fact, that people really are not able to see its use.

I understand, that you do not need it for every game, for many games, it is simply for off tv play, sure, but we just have to wait for games like X. X looks like an MMORPG and for such games, it is perfect. Every RPG game, which is actually more complex and has a lot of different Items, like Skyrim, Oblivion, Diablo, maybe a DOTA. For these games, the Gamepad just adds so much more and everyone denying that, just doesnt want to see it or simply hates Nintendo, because of this stupid console war taking sides letting their life be consumed, by which console you have and play, but not the playing counts, it counts, what you can speak on boards... Gamepad is way more not a gimmick, than lets say Kinect.

Venox20081674d ago

well said, i hope Wii u sales gonna pick up even more, gamepad is awesome and very comfortable

RobbyGrob1674d ago

I propose Wii U Free Edition. There are a few games that interest me, but the console itself isn't worth such a price tag. That's what Ps4 is for.

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The story is too old to be commented.