ASUS ROG Matrix R9 280X Platinum 3GB GDDR5 - High-End R9

Hardwarezone: Having assessed the two other recently launched AMD Radeon R9 280X cards from ASUS and MSI, now turn their attention to an over-the-top offering with the ASUS ROG Matrix R9 280X Platinum as the top-end offering from the Republic of Gamers graphics cards series.

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ATi_Elite1760d ago

That's Pretty!

But at this point I'm Skipping GTX700 and R9 200 series

Maxwell has my money and Hopefully HD8000 can compete and get my money too!


duplissi1759d ago

HD8000? It will be R9 300...

Xristo1759d ago

I still have 1.5gb 580GTX. I don't know if I should grab something soon or just wait for the Maxwell 880s next year. I had to run BF4 on medium during beta (could of just been the client or lack of VRAM) and the VRAM limitations are killing me trying to mod Skyrim with ENB enhancers.

I might just buy a 4gb 770 when the price drops next month and then sell it before buying an 880. :P