Battlefield 4 trailer with dog punch divides opinion

Product-Reviews writes: Obviously this is an attempt to insert a bit of comedy into the game, as we all know that the rival game Call of Duty Ghosts is going to be centered around a German Shepherd dog named Riley. Is this a bit of harmless fun by DICE and EA, or do you think it is going a little bit too far?

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tr00p3r1760d ago

DICE going too far. It's all good poking fun at COD which we all enjoy, but not in this way.

Kingthrash3601760d ago

so stabbing chicks in the neck is ok but sock a dog and it's "too far?"
lol wow.
i dont care if chicks die or about dogs getting hurt...its gaming, nothings real. we as gamers have shot may dogs in games from tlou to resident evil to cod black ops. we killed plenty of over breasted chicks in games from gta to mgs to almost every rpg ever made... gtfo "too far" lol so dumb...just play and enjoy games they are ALL fictional.

Army_of_Darkness1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Screw the dog! I say shooting people in video games alone is going to far dammit! Nobody ever cares for all the dead humanized pixels out there! Nobody but meeee!
We have a melee button, but no hug button? ?

Kleptic1760d ago

Give me a call, dude...

we need to kickstart a first person hugger NOW!!!!!

aCasualGamer1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I can see why it causes such an emotional backlash at EA though. The part where he punches the dog has no context it's simply a punch to the dogs face followed by a squeal from the dog. If we saw a snippet of why he punched the dog then it would've been "forgiven" if that makes any sense.

I'm probably the realist though, and understand that it's only a videogame... but it's never that black/white. It's the meaning behind showing that part that's disturbing to some. If someone shows a baby getting raped in their videogame trailer, chances are.. not many people will say "hey.. it's just a videogame"... the majority would probably react differently.

What i'm saying is, it's not just that it's a game... it's what they are trying to convey through it. People who say, "it's just a game so why are people reacting" are pretty ignorant. There isn't a real dog getting hurt, that's true but it's not only the dog getting hurt that is the bad part it's people who see it can get hurt too. Especially dog owners.

I would say in this specific trailer, i didn't really find it disturbing but i find it stupid to not show any more context.

PrimeGrime1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Bubbled you up. Well said.

Ironic because I was literally just thinking about this in the morning. One reason I don't own or will ever own pets is mainly because of all this nonsense. Now you may think what does that have to do with this? Well hear me out...

People are completely stupid, sell humans they get angry, sell animals, no one cares, kill a human people get outraged, kill an animal no one really gives a shit. This is basically the same idiocy just reversed.

I am so sick of games being ridiculed lately also, I cannot stand it because just like you said, games are not real, they are meant to depict things we would normally not do or cannot do in reality. What is so wrong with that? I remember a time when people just had fun with that concept instead of bitching like little babies all day.

I would much rather have a person vent and punch a dog or person in the face in a video game than in real life.

I also remember a time when games were far more ridiculous than they are now and no one cared then, all this seems like a trend and it seems like they still don't give a rats ass they just try to act like it for hits or for some fake image to promote themselves. I don't have a problem with feminist, equal rights or people pointing out animal cruelty but for god sakes its a god damn video game.

My main problem is like I said, it has become more of a trend to do this and nothing more. Which is proven by all the real world problems that exist that these people ignore then have the nerve to act like they care once they see it in a video game. Isn't that just ass backwards? Nothing new in this world I suppose.

FamilyGuy1759d ago

I'm surprised punching a dog wasn't/isn't an option in the CoD games. Those things get instant kills when they attack you. It would've been cool to be able to punch them as well as the timed stab attack or shooting them.
Funny how no one makes a big deal about shooting and stabbing them in cod though.

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zeal0us1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Whelp won't be long before some animal lovers and some organizations(PETA, specifically) are outrage.

Kleptic1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

f that...he punched the dog in the original 'fishing' trailer, the announcement for BF4 to being with...and he shot the other one...

and no one said a word...its only because of the kick in the teeth IW got with their 'next gen tech like dogs and fish'...which came after the BF4 17 minute announcement trailer...thats the only reason anyone cares...

the trailer definitely pokes fun at that...but who the hell cares? oh, the joke that is gaming media does...i forgot...

I'm not disagreeing, by the way...just stating...this is retarded...

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Blaze9291760d ago

I find it funny how we as people accept so much derogatory and abusive content toward ourselves but even think about harming an animal and picket signs are being drawn with complaints.

plz stfu

Hufandpuf1759d ago

I don't have a problem with killing a dog in a game, but lets be honest. Dogs are just following orders from US HUMANS, so it can be seen as cruelty to animals on the basis that they are even in a war that they have no say in.

Feralkitsune1759d ago

Dogs have better rights than us humans do.

RaptorGTA1760d ago


I don't get this...the dog punching scene was shown in the "Fishing in Baku" trailer...before we knew there was a COD dog. The dog is clearly attacking the soldier and he is defending himself. What is the problem here? Are we really that bored in society we have to get angry for a fictitious character hitting a group of polygons?

FullmetalRoyale1760d ago

JUST A GROUP OF POLYGONS!?! But.... they're puppygons!

As in that puppy is gone.

fghtrer3fb5erg1760d ago

I know that feeling, Its just a game though, bro, id be pist off too if it happened in real life.

ATi_Elite1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

"Punching a Dog"

Now hold on a Got Dam minute here you DO NOT punch Dogs!!!!

We all know you're suppose to kick the SHt out of them when they attack you.

I'm a Proud Supporter of PETA


Some of you need to remember that you're at the TOP of the food chain so act like it.

Imagine other animals at the top of the food chain Do you think Sharks, Lions, T-Rex, Bears, Komodo Dragons would have an organization that protected Human Rights? Hell NO they would just Gobble us up as fast as they could.

iNcRiMiNaTi1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

No one complained when you could snap a dog's neck and kill it in CoD4 but punching a dog in BF4!? That's over the top and offensive... :/

StoutBEER1760d ago

Yea really guys? I love dogs, i grew up around dogs and have two dogs that sleep in my bed sometimes. But if a dog jumped on me and was attacking the fuck outta me, i would do a helluva lot worse than punch him. What am I supposed to lay down and go "No no no I will honor this animal and PETA and let it rip out my throat." Nope.

trywizardo1759d ago

relax its just BF killing ghosts
beside i killed a lot of dogs in V by burning them shooting them car crash and even kicking them ;)

BallsEye1759d ago

What's the big deal? Pitbull bit me once, I punched him, he lost it. Is he a victim?

Phene1759d ago

I guess you've never watched tv or movies....

It's always funny the attention games receive when movies are so much worst in terms of fictional violence. I can understand portraying violence for the sake of violence being an issue, but my first point still stands.

Also lol @ BF4, that's pretty funny if it's a little jan at COD

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Majin-vegeta1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

oh no DICE showed a scene where thry punched a dog big whoop dee do.Get over it its not like they harmed a real life animal.

Riley really is one of a can take out Helis yet it can't withstand a punch xD.

djplonker1760d ago

I hate prudes that say this offends me because...blah blah blah.

I think its funny It gave me a laugh and I have 3 dogs!

also previous call of duty games has you snapping thier necks in the campaign.

BX811760d ago

Hate? Really bro? I'm sure there is something that offendes you. I don't mind people expressing there feelings but I don't agree with things like not selling Medal of Honor on military bases because the families were upset over insurgents vs. American soldiers in the multiplayer.

djplonker1760d ago

To be honest I cant think of anything it is hard to find anything offensive when you are from scotland.... any major tragedy happens I get 10+ jokes sent to me an hour after it happens

I deal with stuff by laughing and joking about it and its always other people that gets offended never me...

ritsuka6661760d ago

I really support PETA on campaign against BF4 for promoting animal cruelty.

Black Block, We are the Resistance.

HolyDuck1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

So you think spending money and time saving virtual animals is better than spending the money and time on real animals? Even though everyone knows PETA slays more animals than it saves.

Edit - Plus, you support PETA for their campaign against BF4 promoting animal cruelty but promoting murder is fine?

Shadonic1760d ago

So you believe that the dog should of killed the soldier instead because as humans we shouldn't kill or harm any animal even if they are intending to kill us even in a virtual world where no souls are lost. Besides How long have dogs been in COD with us shooting them in multiplayer or the spec ops modes ?

fghtrer3fb5erg1760d ago

First off, if it happend in the real world, what was that soldier doing there? are wars really needed, though? How about a huge asteroid would just end life on earth instead of human race destroying it slowly?

ATi_Elite1760d ago

I want you to go to the "Wrong Side of town" and WALK down the street at night!

bout time you get chased and bitten by the second pack of lose viscous dogs I'm sure you will be rethinking that whole PETA thing.

djplonker1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Peta are full of extremists that think every animal should be free even though wild animals have a miserable existence cold hungry and scared 100% of the time!

I suppose you supported their anti-Pokemon campaign aswell or the mario one or when they thought super meat boy was bad?

it just shows they have nothing better to do than draw attention to themselves....

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