PS3 Exclusive Mugen Souls Z is Coming to the West

NISA has revealed that their Compile Heart developed Japanese RPG Mugen Souls Z will be released in Europe and North America.

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djplonker1670d ago ShowReplies(1)
zero_gamer1670d ago

"The press release states that NIS has decided to “edit” certain elements of the title for the western release, due to their “sensitive nature”. Sigh."

I am importing the Japanese version then.

izumo_lee1670d ago

Why are we so sissy's to 'sensitive nature' when it comes to anime style JRPGs from Japan?

We get actual sexual intercourse in games like GTAV but noooo a drawing of a young girl in a swimsuit is too raunchy for us....sigh.

zero_gamer1670d ago

Exactly, and I thought NISA is intended to bring Japanese culture out into the west. When I want a Japanese video game I want all of it. Not some slightly stripped down experience to appease to a bunch of sissy's that wouldn't even give this game the time of day. Talk about selling out.

GrandpaSnake1670d ago

its kinda forced, they could get attacked and singled out.

Juste_Belmont1670d ago

It's nothing new, but I wish localization just meant translating the game. When I played Raw Danger for the PS2 I thought it was an odd, yet fun game, and apparently the localization of that game required giving everyone blonde hair so that Americans could relate to the characters more. So I guess the localization of Mugen Souls Z by NISA could be worse.

fsfsxii1670d ago

Oh my god yes. I'm playing the first Mugen Souls now and its pretty hilarious, the battle system is kinda weird though

tulholdren1670d ago

Sweet another Mugen Souls game that 10 years support is going strong. Wish it was uncensored but still its a JRPG that I liked the first of. So many Exclusives so little time.

Chaos_Raiden1670d ago

Thanks for the share. Will definitely get this and the first game.