Titanfall Release Date, Collector's Edition Available for Pre-order


"This highly anticipated title is available for pre-order at Amazon in limited quantities. Amazon does not charge until the item ships."

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ATi_Elite1614d ago

Hey Titanfall, Hawken is stepping their game up.

True, Kinda different Games but they both have Mechs so I can compare them.

Titanfall needs more Destruction and Hawken has added a destructible map which really takes Gaming to a New level.

My Point is:
For Titanfall to be successful in the long run they gotta add a lot of stuff. Hawken was fun then got boring but they kept adding GREAT stuff and now it's very fun as the gameplay has GREATLY evolved.

I hope Respawn has a great DLC package (Activision Oh I'm sure they got DLC) of GREAT content not just money grabbing content.

Looking forward to Titanfall, the OTHER next Gen game (Kinda took a backseat to Ryse for ME!

malokevi1613d ago

Titanfall has pilots, which are infanty, which will rely heavily on being able to scale buildings... which relies heavily on buildings not being a pile of rubble.

Titanfall isn't Hawken, and it isn't Mechassault. It's Titanfall. Plus, it's not even out yet! Hawken has been on the market for a while.

I'm sure Titanfall will do just fine in it's own right. Certainly one of my most anticipated titles... if not my most anticipated.

ATi_Elite1613d ago

Titanfall isn't Hawken REALLY? I think I made that pretty clear in my post.

My point was that Titanfall needs to add great content for it to be good in the long run.

Learn to read and make sure you understand what you are reading before spouting off at the mouth.

I do at least give you credit for at least writing a response unlike the other IDIOTS who follow me around BLINDLY disagreeing with me.

malokevi1613d ago

lol, jeez... you again. I think your the most pissed off person I've ever encountered on this site. Take a pill, man.

Titanfall isn't even out yet. They can't exactly release any content.

Also, I didn't disagree with you.

MrSwankSinatra1614d ago

250 bucks??? wow i don't know about everyone else but that seems like overkill. with 250 bucks you can pay for half of your xbox one or buy a whole 360 console.

TekoIie1613d ago

I value things like that statue and this looks like a good one! Its all about perspective and how we see value in things :)

2cents1613d ago

Well put.

This baby is gonna be mine!

djplonker1614d ago

£256 in the uk to put that in perspective the ps4 is £350....

TekoIie1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Holy crap! They're really pushing their luck with that sort of price.

It's a really nice statue but definitely not nice enough for that price :/

EDIT: Even more insulting that their charging the same price for the PC version >:(

djplonker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Tell me about it!

I seen the digital standard version on origin earlier £45.... did no one tell ea pc games are cheaper? XD

GentlemenRUs1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Apart from the SR4 and (I forgot that racing game) bundles... This has to be the most overpriced Collectors edition out there!

Though i'm not surprised... EA is the publisher...