First Unboxing Of The DualShock 4

Today, YouTube user, 2PixelWide got his hands on his DualShock 4 (bought separately) and proceeds to unbox it for our viewing pleasure. He also compares the DualShock 4 with the DualShock 3.

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Enemy1798d ago

Holy crap at size comparison with DS3.

Blacktric1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

It begins...

Also; dat textured lower half. Just perfect.


Next gen. What else?

mushroomwig1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

What begins?


Ah, touche.

Utalkin2me1798d ago

I have never had my thumbs touch while on the thumbsticks. Who plays with the middle of their thumbs. Kind of reminded me of those silly infomercials.....

1798d ago
Brazz1798d ago

some friends of my always are like: "dualshock is too smal! Xbox controler is much more suited for mature hands." now i want to see their reaction to the Dualshock 4, it looks amazing.

FITgamer1798d ago

It's actually larger than Xbox One controller. Should be really comfortable.

jaren921798d ago

I never really liked the ds3 mainly because I have 10 inch hands and it's just so tiny in my hands the DS4 looks much better atleast for me cause my hands are huge

CuddlyREDRUM1798d ago

Your hands are ten inches thick?

CuddlyREDRUM1797d ago

Your hands are ten inches long? When you cut them off at the wrist?

You do realize when you say your hands are ten inches, it means from the pinkie to the thumb spread out is ten inches?

So, your hand are ten inches from your shoulders on both sides?

GrandpaSnake1798d ago

huge difference, got my hands on it just yesterday, this controller is really leaps and bounds over the ds3. i find it very funny how people claim the x1 controller will still dominate....
the only reason why people think 360 controller is better is because of the huge momentum with the almost 2 years headstart. the 360 had shooters off the start, i still remember people telling me its the most preferred so its better. what happens when the ds3 started selling more? now theirs even more fps gamers on ps3 worldwide, what does that tell you? holding my n64 controller and my game cube controller and one thing that is for sure is the sticks feel nothing how the 360 do in fact they feel more symmetrical, with the 360 you have to move your left hand up a generous amount or else your left thumb will slide off consistently.
for durability i have to give it to the dualshock again, my 360 controller i played like a maniac and right now my bumpers are stuck(same controller after 5 years). i put 5 times the work on ds3 and the r1 is still strong.
just my 50 cents, hate it or love it the underdog is on top, for me anyways.

XboxFun1798d ago

"...with the 360 you have to move your left hand up a generous amount or else your left thumb will slide off consistently."

I laughed out loud at this...seriously? A generous amount or it will slide off completely? Listen, I am not knocking your preferred choice of controller and all but a hobbit would have to move their left hand in a generous amount just to use the left analog stick.

I have played with both the DS3 and 360 controller and both feel like I'm riding a bike, I get on and take off.

GrandpaSnake1798d ago

thats what happens to me, i kinda get sweaty hands so its slips off easier than most, i also have pretty damn big hands and never had my thumbs touch(trips me out when people say that). that why im really looking forward to the ds4 and its grip on the back. the ds3 is too small for my hands though i prefer the 360 controller not because of performance but because for some reason the second line were my ring finger bends on the other side of my nail touch the back of the ds3 were the backside of the controller starts to rise. when i apply a lot of pressure it hurt my finger. think of it this way if theirs a sharp edge(your desk) put that part of your finger(kinda the side were theirs more bone than meat) and thats what i feel. after an hour or so it really hurts sometimes.

SuperBlur1798d ago

bought the first version of xbox 360 and it rrod not a week after the warranty , gave the wireless controller to my friend , kept the wired one for my pc. my friend's one is still working and so does my wired one.

funny story, i bought a ps3 slim 120gb in 09 . the controller started to act really weird when gaming , i remember starting up nhl 12 and while ingame i tried to block a shot by holding L1 down but it didn't do just that, it proceeded to spam rapidly the d-pad in all direction and made me dive (which in that game is done by holding both L1+R1.) I kept it around to use in Netflix , Youtube , Crackle , PS Store , Music , Videos etc since it seem to be only affected in games .

I tried it again in GTA V , funny moments occurred , every time i tried to activate frank's ability , he would open his cellphone , close it, throw himself out of the car and die.

Funky Town_TX1798d ago

Look at most 3rd party pro controllers. 90% of the ones I see look like the 360 controller.

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