Playstation Plus vs Games with Gold so far

Gimme Gimme Games compares the laundry list of free PS3 games given away in the US with Playstation Plus since June to the games Microsoft has given away since June with Xbox Live Games with Gold.

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zeal0us1760d ago

Playstation Plus-Free games that worth playing
XBLG-Free games you possibly played 5yrs ago

TomShoe1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

PS Plus. You want to know why?

Because it will actually still be going to next gen.

Godmars2901760d ago

Because it started as a discount/frequent buyer program. Still is but technically added leasing.

Whereas the other, older, "service" was about offering an "experience".

Nevermind that said experience was about lightening your wallet.

majiebeast1760d ago

Yeah there is no competition here. Its the one thats giving me Metal Gear Rising next month and gave me Farcry 3 and Dragons dogma rising this month.

ThatCanadianGuy5141759d ago

You're seriously getting Rising??

God damn it.Euro PS+ is a gold mine compared to the NA.

I feel like games with gold compared to you guys.

ThatCanadianGuy5141760d ago

It's quite insulting to PS+ to even compare it to xbox live to be honest.

AceBlazer131760d ago

steam>ps+>>>>xb lg/gwg

i miss my pc :'(

Max-Zorin1760d ago

Who approved the obvious?