The Daily Five: Sales Flops in Popular Franchises

"There are plenty of standout franchises that can’t help but be blockbuster successes with each release, but just like people, some of them take a stumble now and then. Sometimes they produce a dud, and sometimes they’re compiled into a list for people on the internet to read." - Joe Garcia

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mandf1492d ago

GOW didn't flop considering it sold 2million plus and not even 1yr old.

Tontus1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Exactly, God of War: Ascension was only a flop compared to God of War III not the rest of the series. Also it will end up selling better than any game from a hack 'n slash series outside of GoW and will be 4th behind GoW3, 1 & 2.


Also Vgchartz is rubbish, according to NPD GoW:A was under-tracked by 49K just in the US in its 1st month. According to GFK it was under-tracked in Europe up to June by 160K.

So really it has sold to date something like 900K in the US, 600K in Europe, 50K in Japan and 350K in the rest of the world.

Yeah, about 2 million now, around 2.25m by the end of this year, 2.5m when it's a year old and around 3.5m+ lifeimte.

Now sure, GoW3 has sold over 6 million units, but compared to the rest of the series GoW:A is doing fine:

GoW3 = ~6.1m
GoW1 = 4.6m
GoW2 = 4.2m
GoW:A = ~3.5m
GoW:CoO = ~3.5m
GoW: GoS = ~1.5m

PopRocks3591492d ago

Saying GoW was a flop is like saying Skyward Sword was a flop.

badboy7761492d ago

Gears Of War Flopped The worst on that list WOW!!!!

zeal0us1492d ago

Well this generation we've seen games sell million and still be a flop.

Given how SCE didn't come out SE did for Tomb Raider, I would have to agree with you.
Gears of War: Judgement should've just been an expansion to part 3 imho.

OrangePowerz1492d ago

Square needs to get their act together, their games "fail" because they let the devs waste a huge amount of time. TR was a very good game, but I`m sure they could have done that in a shorter time. I`m sure Activision dumped True Crime/Sleeping Dogs because it got constantly delayed. I don`t even want to start talking about FF Versus 13/FF15.

I can get if they don`t want to interfere with the developer studios, but Square is a publisher and they need to get their studios to stick to deadlines if they want to make a profit from games that sell below 6 million.

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jakmckratos1492d ago

Not a flop but considering how successful GOW3 was there should be no reason another GOW can't even touch those sales

ritsuka6661492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

GOW didn't flop considering it sold 2million'

The game sell only 1,37 Million... so please find another better source bro, you are actually no well informed.

Black Block, We are the Resistance.

MyFeetHurt1492d ago

you guys probably loved john carter too...

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j-blaze1492d ago

Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal should be there too..and DmC flop is a good thing "means the original series will be back! :)"... teach them not to mess with the fans >:(

mandf1492d ago

both sold a million plus how are those flops?

XboxFun1492d ago

It's a flop because it didn't turn a profit. After production cost and marketing game just like any other item sold has to make some kind of return.

Just because it sold a million plus doesn't mean it made it's money back.

maximus19851492d ago

i wonder how the DmC creators managed to eat all those words the spewd at us fans

zeal0us1492d ago

DMC flop doesn't mean the original series will be back. The people that made the series what it was has already move on.

Not mention Capcom probably won't invest into another DMC game since the current wasn't profitable.

OrangePowerz1492d ago

If anything given Capcoms track record if they make another DmC they will make it as mainstream as possible for maximum profit, because that is their approach since many many years now.

OrangePowerz1492d ago

DmC wasn`t as bad as many people want to believe it was. I prefer the old Dante, but it was a reboot so a fresh start at zero. Gameplay wise it wasn`t bad and the level design was very well done.

SlapHappyJesus1492d ago

It was an all around solid title. People hated it for what it wasn't - a faithful entry to the original games - but not what it was - a solid spectacle fighter with a strong art direction and style.

trouble_bubble1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

A lot of high profile sequels barely passed a million. MGS Rising, Max Payne 3, Hitman Absolution, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Forza Horizon.

trouble_bubble1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Resistance 3 sold more on PS3 than Mass Effect 3.

Twisted Metal was a niche car combat game that sold the same as critically acclaimed AAA rpg The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. Where's Witcher 2 on your list?

Your beloved Japanese developed Metal Gear Rising only sold 280,000 on XBox. Twisted Metal more than doubled that. Resistance quadrupled it

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ninjagoat1492d ago

Why even have a discussion lol there link don't even work :/.

Nerdmaster1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

The bad sales of Resident Evil Revelations got me mad. People don't stop crying that they want a Resident Evil game more like the older ones, that 5 and 6 don't have any horror... And when Capcom releases what people wanted, everybody ignores it. At least I know I did my part by buying both the 3DS version and the PC version. It's sad that it will probably be the last one with some horror in it, since the effing "fans" only buy the action ones and then complain about them focusing on action.

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