In PlayStation Plus We Trust: October 22, 2013

Sony's PlayStation Plus paid subscription service adds the excellent Hotline Miami to its Instant Game Collection, as well as a handful of very good discounts on some horror-themed games.

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AceBlazer131756d ago

Last of us $36, Dead Island $5, Riptide $20 ps plus is amazing, too bad my hard drive is filled and my money is allocated to next gen till november.

sinncross1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

that puppeteer price is crazy.

I hope they release this deal for EU too!

ColeMacGrath1756d ago

With PS Plus, you'll be having a collection of hard drives instead of discs because of the huge amount of discounts and free digital games you'll be stuffing in a hard drive. That's crazy awesome!

Soldierone1756d ago

Why is Hotlines controls such a pain lol

Kanako1756d ago

Take advantage of the lock on.

Soldierone1756d ago

I try to and it still misses sometimes, or the guy gets alerted and kills me when im no where near him lol