IGN- Let's Play WWE 2K14: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Hell in a Cell is this weekend, and IGN's looking to bring you a preview of the biggest matches.

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showtimefolks1640d ago

randy orton is a bit bulky in this game

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TomahawkX1640d ago

zero effort was put towards updating Daniel Bryan, the WWE's current top star. Good Job Yukes.

nevin11640d ago

My god this series is in dying need of a new engine.

TomahawkX1640d ago

I'm getting this primarily for the 30 years of wrestlemania mode. Totally worth it just for all the legends!

roadkillers1639d ago

Agree'd. Plus Streak Mode looks promising, could be a lot of fun. Hoping for smooth running online this time around also.

bilzdabest1639d ago

That last one gets me. For me wwe 13 was perfect save for the online and dlc. This is my last wwe ga,e for the next for years, even if it turns out to be a good game.
So I am really hoping my last wwe game is going to be memorable.the good way.