Is Subscription the Right Choice for Elder Scrolls Online?

Zenimax Online Studios have announced that upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online will have a subscription based business model, coming with a $15 price tag each month. Is this the right choice for their game, or have they doomed ESO before it’s even got off the ground?

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hello121704d ago

15 month is too much. 15 for three months maybe not one month.

ShinnokDrako1704d ago

$15?? Oh well, i'm going to pass. Too bad, i was curious about this game.

Supermax1704d ago

Was looking forward to it but not gonna pay a subscription to a game I already pay for online services for ie ps plus and Xbox live gold.

thekhurg1704d ago

Technically you don't need to pay for PS+ to play TESO. But it's still ridiculous to charge a monthly fee to play a MMO in today's market.

Outside of WoW, none of the other games are finacially sound, and few last more than 12 months on a sub plan before caving and going F2P.

BallsEye1704d ago

Even more ridiculous when MS offers free dedicated servers to any dev. They could just host TESO there.

thekhurg1704d ago


That cloud garbage could not host a MMO... There is a massive difference between providing some hardware to host a shooter and what is required to host the hundreds of MMO servers required.

bonafide7321704d ago

Im just starting to get into RPG's so its a shame

BallsEye1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

MS offers FREE dedicated servers for every dev. Now, if bethesda wouldn't be extremely greedy on this, in XO version they'd host the game on AZURE servers and then they would have no excuse to make a monthly fee. Of course, they won't do that. They wan't you to believe servers cost 1000000000$ a month for maintenance. 1 million players which is not big but it would give them 15 milion$ a month, that's why they wan't to keep the subscription at all cost.

aliengmr1704d ago

Pretty sure an MMO like ESO wouldn't be able to utilize the free dedicated servers offered by MS.

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